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The Monroe Doctrine (1823)

Monroe Doctrineprescribed in regard to American foreign policy.

Monroe doctrine was prescribed in regard to America foreignpolicy since they had the conviction on the side of the United Statesconcerning the opportunities of their freedom would be threatened bythe ambition of the European power. Their dreams would be achieved bykeeping clear the work of the Europeans politics and its intentionsof necessity. Maintaining an independent position can lead to thedeclaration of the new treaty in 1793 even after, having treaty withFrance. The Monroe doctrine introduced in 1823 stated that effort byEuropean countries to colonize North and South America would belooked as an act of aggression requiring united state intervention.

European had its interest to the foreign nation clearly stipulatedby Washington’s farewell. He stated the cherished principles “thegreat rule for us in regarding the foreign nations is in extendingcommercial relation to having with them a little connection aspossible” (Sexton 66). The holy alliance signed by the sovereign ofAustria, Russia and Prussia had enforced the divinity right ofkilling against the progress of the liberal principles. United StateJoined by the France took an initiative to put an end to the systemof the government and restore the rule of Ferdinand VII in Spain.Their effort to overthrow the government erected out the old coloniesin the Western hemisphere (Sexton 66).

The countries that the Doctrinewas directed to The Monroe doctrine was addressedto the European nations as a warning that they do not attempt tocolonize the newly independent states of America. It was mostlydirected to the Great Britain against dictatorship. United State hadfeared that Spain would attempt to restore its influence overthem.United States feel compelledto write this document. TheUnited States felt compelled to write the Monroe doctrine to warn theforeigner to leave them alone. It was built around non-colonizationand non-interference because the British still kept the trading postin the western hemisphere of the United States. They felt thepolitical system of the United States was different from the Europe,and they would regard interference in the western hemisphere affairas threat to the security. The United States wanted to refrain fromparticipation in the European war and would not disturb the existingcolonies in the western hemisphere, and it would no longer be openfor colonization.Why or whynot? The document is something that theUnited States can enforce. Yes it can be enforcedbecause United State has the power the capacity to implement it.Unlike when it was proclaimed during the U.S Union address toCongress, they did not have enough power to enforce the proclamation.After some time, the doctrine became long-standing pillar of theUnited States. Monroe and his Secretary of the State John Quincy Adamdrew upon foundation of the American diplomat. As Monroe had stated,the bilateral statement proposed by the British became unilateraldeclaration by the United States. The doctrine cannot be evoked sincethere is unison among the citizen unlike when it was stated as it wasinvoked by many organized state statesmen. Several presidentsincluding Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy,Ronald Reagan and many others evoked it. Its intent lasted for avariation of more than a centenary. Its objective was to free theindependent colonies of Latin America and avoid the situation thatcould make the present world a battleground for the old powers. Itasserted the new and the old to remain distinctly separate sphere ofinfluence for they were composed of entirely separate and independentnation (Sexton 66).

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