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ImprovingDecision Making

Accounting, finance, sales, marketing, and human resources jobsrequire information system knowledge. This knowledge helps to growmany workers to technical knowledge, being in a developed countrywhere information system is the primary source of revenue. Statisticsindicates accounting job require information system knowledge thatlead to a career path that should be both stable and lucrative. Inaddition information system knowledge gives an option to work formany different types of businesses. In finance, it opens up thepossibility of holding any of a number of highly skilled positionsand starts you down the path to becoming an executive or partner(Accredited Business 6). Accounting job requires the systemknowledge that contains the company’s sales and the employeesalaries it also requires the entry level position. Informationsystem in Finance makes financial information readily available tothe auditor for Specialization. The information they compile isissued to internal and external auditor on employers of financialreporting. Analysts require knowledge of software and databasesystems used in business research and analysis. The individual willhave proficient knowledge of enterprise-wide financial systems likeOracle E-Business. Sales and marketing require information system inorganizing data and gathering information necessary for marketing.Management information system (MIS) is needed for timely and accurateinformation to marketing decision that is widely based on theacquisition of knowledge. Although jobs in the human resources,field does not necessarily require contact with people outside theoffice. A human resources generalist may need a broad range ofknowledge and strong communication skills. Information systemknowledge requires implementing and maintaining procedures HumanResource program, technical and functional requirements. For thiskind of jobs, one need to learn about the educational requirements,career information, and job duties (Accredited Business 6).

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