Introduction to the Course and the Bible

The Bible of Judaism is different in that the writings listed on“Tanak” comprise the complete Bible. The Bible is divided intothe “Old Testament” and the “New Testament” and that thewritings of the “New Testament” are not considered as HolyScripture. The Roman Catholic Bible is different since it is dividedinto two the “Old Testament” and the “New Testament” and hasa list of Old Testament writings that are accepted only in the Romanfaithful known as “deuteron-canon”. It is used to distinguish itfrom Judaism and Protestant churches. The Eastern Orthodox Bible has“second canon” writings that distinguish it from other Bibles(Boer 101). Some of its writings are unique and are not found in anyother Bible, for example, Wisdom of Solomon and Canticle ofCanticles. The Protestantism Bible has a number of books known as“apocrypha”, which means they are not “canonical,” in thatthey are only for the Protestants for example the Epistle ofJeremiah and Esther (Hayes 199).

The Bible is regarded by these groups as a sacred scripture since itis a product of a long and complex journey of human religioushistory. The scriptures are also viewed to have a certain sense ofunity (Hayes 214). Sometimes the meaning varies from one book toanother but there is a basic explanation that runs across for allreligious adherents. The classic modern statement is that it a “wordof God”.

There are ways in which the scholars study the Bible. They firstregard it as the product of human, historical process of many partsthat includes writing, editing, and collecting. Therefore, they focustheir research on particular aspects of the human process thatcreated the biblical writings. Others focus more on the theologicalcontent it the Bible. However, their main feature is theunderstanding that the Bible originated from a particular complexhistory (Boer 119).

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