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Earth science

I think earthscience is a term that refers to the science of the earth as aplanet. It includes the study of hydrosphere and the atmosphere. Ithink the scientist uses chemistry, biology, physics and mathematicsto elaborate how the earth works. It is the study of the earth andwhat it is made of. The processes that give shape to the earth andshow how it has affected the earth during the long period. I thinkthis study is vital because it relates everything we do in relationto the planet we live. I think understanding of this topic willhelp us understand and predict the effect of natural disasters suchas volcanic eruption earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides. This topicis advantageous as it will help me understand the natural recoursesin planet earth. Natural resource composes to the highest part ofrevenue collection in a country like United States. These resourcesinclude valuable like oil, natural gas and other. I think earthscience emphasizes on availability and distribution of water beingthe most important fluid in human and animal’s life. I think italso involves the astronomy that is the study of the solar system. Itincludes the study of the moon, sun and the planets. I thinkearth science also includes the study of the of earth atmosphere,which shows how the weather is affected by the changes intemperature, the air pressure, humidity and the wind. I believe thisthe reason diversity of studies and specialization of scientist inthis sector. This includes the study of broadcasting meteorologist,forensic meteorologist or climatologists. I believe earth scienceinclude the marine science that involves the study of the sea. Oceanmonographer studies current storms or waves. They use sophisticatedtechnology to evaluate the mapping of the ocean floor.

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