Life Experience


Thereare many event and experiences that occurs in an individual and havea significant impact on his or her life. I have had several lifechanging experiences in life, but my immigration to the United Statesof America is the most important life experience. I moved into theUnited States when I was a young lad with my family, which was animportant turning point in my life. The United States is referred toas the land of opportunity. Today, I am a young adult who have beenfully assimilated in the American way of life. Moving to the UnitedStates required me to adopt a new culture, the American culture.Additionally, I had to learn a new language, English as well as makenew friends. Although it took me some time to learn, I can speakfluent English. My life in America has also changed my way of lifesuch that people consider me to be an ‘American’. For example,passion in sports such as soccer, basketball and wrestling has becomepart of my identity. If I did not move into the United States, Iwould not be a fan of basketball. Additionally, the United States hasa vibrant and world class education system. The system is arguablythe best in the world since it enables student unleash theirpotentials. Although there are many opportunities in the UnitedStates, the education system in the country is able to preparestudents for the job market. American society is very diverse. Asmall neighborhood may have people from all over of the world. Mylife in the United States has taught me to live with people fromdifferent social, cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds. Today, Ihave friends from different cultures and races.


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