This song is a cover of the stand by me by Ben E. King although sungby many people. The video is taken in many parts of the world likeCongo, Italy, United States and South Africa. This song is sung byall races that are the white, the black from African and the blackAmericans at places that portly wealthy people and others at theghetto. The video incorporates the old and the young to add moreweight to the message of the song. The songs call for unity, and thisis shown by the man across the road carrying a child and dancing tothe rhythm of the song. This song is done in the open not onlyto entertain but to deliver the message to all people on the street.In the songs, they involved group of women to show that they are alsoan important organ in the society and also in the attaining of unityof all genders. It is clear that the women are not conversant withthe song, but they are hymning along with the beats. It shows thatirrespective of the position one is in they need someone to stand bythem. Majority of the singers are old people but using moderninstruments to spice the song this illustrates that we should notdiscriminate others on background aspect but give them a chance. Theaspect of this song is to deliver the message of unity to thenations. As they sing they call people to get friends to stand bythem regardless of their economic status, social status and theirbackground. The singers say that if we face challenges, and all seemdark and the only visible thing is the moon people stand strongerknowing there is someone with them. Towards the end of the song, thesingers appreciate the viewers and do not ask for pay, thisillustrates the motive of the song.


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