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Themovie is based on certain life aspects like employment in stockbrokerage firm as well as social issues as cash, drugs and hookers.Martin Scorsese in his movie, “The Wolf of the Wall Street” showsthe bizarre world of a stock broker who obtains a job with one of thebest stock brokerage firms and tries to fit in. Like most newbies, hehad a mentor, who they spontaneously became friends, and he inquiredfrom, Henry Hill, his mentor on to become successful. To hissurprise, it was through a combination of fraudulent activities andindecent practices. Though he was naïve, he later decided to try andhe became good at it such that after the company was dissolved, hecommenced trading at a ‘chop shop’ that dealt with unregulatedstocks and made lots of money. It enabled him to grow into a richmacho man who started his company and began stock brokerage applyingfraudulent techniques.

Malebonding is observed in two instances Jordan Belfort and Henry Hill,his mentor, and Jordan Belfort with Donnie Azoff, Co-founder. JordanBelfort and Henry Hill are seen going for lunch together a scenariothat does not exist in real life as a macho character does not relatewith the newbie’s. Male bonding is dominant in the second casestudy as a next door neighbor, Donnie Azoff, out of curiosity,becomes his wingman in both life issues and business operations. Arandom question of if Jordan owns the Porsche car at the parking lotand his cheque payment makes him quit his job and join Jordan Belfortin his escapades.

Thepaper analysis will focus more on the relationship between JordanBelfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill).

LeonardoDiCaprio (Jordan Belfort)

Hewas born in 1974, November 11thinCalifornia. His father was an underground artist in the comic genrewhereas his mother a legal officer. His acting career commenced whileat five years when he featured in Romper room and due to hischarismatic nature and talent, he was able to feature in numerous TVshows, commercials and participate in several movies. They includeSanta Barbara (1990s), Matchbox advertisement (while at 14 years),The Basket Diaries (1995), Titanic (1997), The Departed (2006), BloodDiamond (2006), Shutter Island (2010), Django Unchained (2012) andThe Wolf of Wall Street (2013). He is a producer and has a productioncompany called Appian Way Productions.

Hehas won several accolades in his career starting with the YoungArtist Award for Best Young Actor, Best Actor category by GoldenGlobe and Screen Actor in 2006 and earned several other awards overthe years. The Wolf of the Wall Street was his fifth reunion withMartin Scorsese that ended him up being awarded the Best Actor inMusical and Comedy award in Golden Globe Awards and his fourthnomination for the Academy Award.

JonahHill (Donnie Azoff)

Hewas born in 1983, December 20thin Los Angeles. He is an actor, producer, comedian, and writer. Hehas several nominations such as the Academy Award in 2011 and 2013due to Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street. Movies that he hasacted include Accepted (2006), Knocked Up and Superbad (2007), GetHim to the Greek (2010), This is the End (2013) just to name a few.

TheWolf of the Wall Street seems to show three major social issuesnamely cash, drugs, and hookers. Jordan, in his quest for financialstability and better life in his employment, chooses to followthrough with the advice given by Henry Hill. Having mastered thefraudulent techniques, he starts a stock brokerage firm that defraudinvestors their funds into investing in non-existent companies.Morality is not withheld in the transaction, and no professional codeof ethics or modesty is followed enabling him to make $ 12 million inthree minutes.

JordanBelfort and Donnie Azoff bond more due to their constant use ofdrugs. Their friendship grew spontaneously as they realized they wereall into hardcore drugs on their first meeting. When their ship wasabout to subside, Jordan requested Donnie to risk his life by goingfor the drugs in the yacht as he could not die sober. Hookers areseen as Jordan Belfort marries one, and several parties are held bythe group headed by Jordan, which had several hookers invited.

Comparisonand contrast between the movie and real life


Malebonding is considered differently depending on the region, country orculture of the people around as well as a reason for bonding varies.Different places find such male bond seen between Jordan Belfort andDonnie Azoff as uncouth and unacceptable since they manage theircompany on unprofessional lines, and none can redirect in a moreprofessional manner[ CITATION Joh08 l 1033 ].

Moneylaundering cases result in long jail sentences and usually, theculprits are advised to give out other conspirators so as to getminimal charges. Jordan opts to save his friend Donnie from beingvindicated in the cases against him but sacrifices himself andseveral other accomplices. The bond between them is exaggerated as inreal life situation as people tend to secure themselves by offeringthe police all information regardless of whether it would affecttheir friends. Jordan Belfort and Donnie Azoff’s bond is tested,and they emerge stronger than expected.


Inmost circumstances in which people are involved in drugs or certainill-characterized activities like prostitution, there is a bond thatdevelops as they consider themselves brothers for life united by thatfactor. Just as criminals are said to be united in their dealings,the bond is also prevalent in drug users.

Theirbond is as a result of continuous drug use, wealth they have andpersonalities that they share. Jordan and Donnie, in real life wouldnot have bonded that strongly without similar personalities andhobbies[ CITATION Gle14 l 1033 ].They are both bright as they can apply their knowledge to fraudnumerous investors and swindle money into offshore accounts beforethe FBI could vindicate them. Such bonds are observed betweenhomosexuals and brother thereby Jordan, and Donnie’s bond defiesreal life ordeals[ CITATION Mig06 l 1033 ].

Theirmale bond can be described by the Propinquity Effect, which explainsthat bonds exist as a result of people encountering each other oftenand sharing similar objectives, hobbies or personalities. JordanBelfort and Donnie Azoff are workmates who are always together atwork, parties, during their drug escapades, and we can see they visiteach other in their homes. It can be used to explain the male bondthat continues to grow over time of their friendship. Kurt Backcreated a Euler diagram and indicated bonds to be more strong due tosimilarities[ CITATION Vol08 l 1033 ].The two were in need of money, power, fun and drugs.


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