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Management:Is The Customer Always Right?


Management:Is The Customer Always Right?

Theduties and roles of a general manager vary from one business to theother. However, he acts as the main link between the businessobjectives/goals and the employees. Another major function isdecision making, whereby the general manager is required to analyzesituations and then determine the best course of action to beimplemented (Mill,2007).This paper is an application of the responsibility as a manager to agiven situation, whereby a British family has requested not to beallocated any black associates.

Despitethe main focus of any business being customer satisfaction, I wouldturn down this request. With reference to the case, by honoring thecustomer’s request, more damaging impact will be experienced. Byhonoring the request, it may be taken as an act of racialdiscrimination to the employees, as well as to the black customers,and in turn tarnishing the resort’s image (Mill,2007).The objective of the resort is to give the best services to ourclients, regardless of their race, religion, or culture. As thegeneral manager I wouldn’t honor the British family’s reservationof non-black associates.

Thesituation is tricky, despite not wanting to lose or ‘fire’ theguests (British family), it’s hard to accommodate their request,and with the resort being an international one, there is ananti-racial discrimination codes. In addition, I would as well letthe British family aware of the equality among our employees. Inaddition to refusing their request, I would take time to let themknow, our employees, regardless of their racial definition, areequally the same in terms of services, education, and experience inthe resort. Moreover, as the general manager, I would only honortheir request if and only if, it’s only a British employeeavailable to serve them, but otherwise, I would not accept them intothe resort or accept their request. This would be to protect theimage of the business, and also help reduce any chances of racialdiscrimination.


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