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Operationsmanagement is basically the process of managing an organization tocome up with value by using a systematic approach in order totransform input to useful output while achieving the organizationalobjectives. We are going to discuss the concepts of organizationalperformance that contribute to the overall output of theorganization. This article will also dwell on the concept of goaloriented effective processes designs within the organization thatwould lead to the desired output.


Organizationalperformance in any organization comprises of mainly products andservices offered by the organization and using the ideas and feedbackfrom the market pull or using the necessary technology push toanalyze and develop the product (p.40). Another aspect inorganizational behavior involves the trade-offs that are involved inthe design of the product and services. In organizationalperformance, the key factor to consider is the cost of ownership,which involves, the choices between factors such as servicefeatures, inventory levels and responsiveness.

Finally,when looking at the performance, the aspect of quality would alwaysbe involved.This is whereby, quality function deployment, which is anNPD/NSD technique that provides collaborative approach in developingand designing products or services according to the user requirements(p.50).


Aneffective process is designed with the resulting product in mind. The design of the process will involve capacity requirements and theextent at which the customer is involved. In doing so, criteriabased approach to process design should be adopted to ensure aneffective process design through simplification, virtual controls andexcess inventory. Therefore, the effectiveness of the process comesfrom design and redesigning effective measurement and feedback loopusing techniques such as flowcharting (p.101).


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