Marijuana Should Be Legalized

MarijuanaShould Be Legalized

Marijuanais one drug that has caused heated argument in the United States foryears. The drug in question is a herb that is smoked just liketobacco but more emphasize has been placed on its use than any otherdrug not only in the U.S but the world over. Cases of athletes beingdismissed for doping and their reputation being tarnished overnightis not a new thing in the modern society. For example, the swimmingOlympic champion Michael Phelps lost millions of dollars in terms ofendorsement besides costing his repute for claims of smoking the“weed”. In addition, thousands of youths have ended up in jailfor possession or smoking of marijuana. The opponents of marijuanaprovide various argument for its ban. Marijuana should be legalizedto attain social and economic stability.

Legalizationof marijuana has been largely opposed on reasons that it is veryaddictive and hence harmful to health. However, these are claims thatdo not hold water. There are other drugs that are more addictive thanmarijuana, yet they are legal. Caffeine and nicotine drugs that arepresent in coffee and tobacco respectively are very addictive andhave detrimental impact on health. There are no documented effects ofmarijuana unlike for other drugs hence it should be made legit.

Opponentsof legalizing marijuana also argue that making it legal wouldincrease its sale and even enable teenagers to access the drug. Onthe contrary, making marijuana illegal has led to the development ofblack markets, controlled by cartels. As a result, illegal weaponryand other money laundering activities have thrived. The cartelsexpand their market by recruiting new users including teenagers dueto competition. Legalizing marijuana will kill these cartels as thegovernment will have control over sale and use of marijuana. Justlike for tobacco and alcohol, the government will be able to keepteenagers from the drug.

Opponentssite health effects of marijuana as the main reason for notlegalizing it. However, Cannabis Sativa as a herb has various medicalbenefits. It is actually less dangerous than tobacco which killsmillions of people by causing cancer. Actually, there is nosupporting evidence for deaths caused by the weed. On the contrary,it helps in relieving pain, treats nausea, glaucoma, spastic musclesand wasting from AIDS. The main component THC present in marijuanacan substitute about 20 percent of prescription drugs hence can be ofgreat medical value, making a huge contribution to health care.

Inconclusion, marijuana should be legalized. It is less addictive andless harmful than other legal drugs like tobacco and alcohol. It hasvarious medical benefits which can have significant contribution tohealth. It will also help in controlling its sale to teenagers byeliminating drug cartels. Legalizing it will also allow thegovernment to earn revenue through taxation and be able to developother areas. In addition the government can save a lot in terms ofresources, both financial and human by legalizing marijuana. Forthese reasons, marijuana should be legalized to achieve social andeconomic stability.

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