1.The key stakeholders affected in the article are the department ofpublic health in California, local health jurisdiction in California,owners of the theme parks and the public.

2.Public health moral norm is the respect for the health of others. Inthe article about the measles outbreak, it is evident that inadequatevaccination does contribute to the outbreak. From the article, mostof the patients who contracted the epidemic disease were notvaccinated. Reason being, some intentionally avoided vaccination dueto their personal beliefs, others were reluctant to get vaccination.While the other, percentage had not taken the full dosage ofvaccination. Moral norms advocates for individuals to respect thehealth of others. Failure to take vaccination due to personal beliefis unethical as it contribute to the spread of the disease.

3. The outbreak of measles relates to utility in a manner that thedepartment of public health should ensure that measles vaccinationcovers the entire state and should be a continuous process. The eventrelates to justice in a manner that all people need to reduce theirego of personal beliefs when it comes to public health. This isbecause their actions also affect other innocent people. Peopleshould learn to respect public institutions by taking advantagepublic vaccination programs to prevent preventable diseases. Finally,the event relates to liberty in a manner that it is the right ofeveryone to be prevented from epidemics like that of measles throughvaccination.

4.In regard with environmental policy, people who are aware of theconsequences of lack of vaccination will automatically take a vaccinefor the disease. However, those unaware of the consequences will nottake the vaccine. It is important to create a health communicationbetween the health institutions and the public in attempt to addresskey health issues. Measures of controlling communicable diseases likethat of measles should be taken serious to prevent large populationfrom being infected. Lastly, the public health department needs tomonitor the occurrence and control of this epidemic. As well, need tomonitor the actions of those people who fail to utilize theopportunity of vaccination given by the public health department.

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