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Thisis Heineken beer commercial analysis in the context of medialiteracy. Beer commercials are good examples of ads that use media. This ad is critical because beer is an integral part of the Americanculture. Beer is consumed at the rate of 50 billion pints yearly. Beer therefore takes a third position after water and tea. The ad isof women in a furnished house that commands affluence as men are seenwalking in with a fridge full of beer bottles. The beer commercialpaints drinkers as rich youthful people.

Thefollowing questions are important for analyzing or deconstructing amedia message

  1. Who is the creator of the message?

Thecreator of the ad is Heineken Company.

  1. What are the creative techniques employed in the message?

Thead employs pathos and ethos to reach out to its potential customers. Pathos appear where men come cheering because they are carrying awalking fridge with beer. The women in the house rush to the door towelcome the male counterparts. Pathos is used in advertising forpersuasion. The male are represented as people having fun toencourage those who do not drink to drink. Ethos is employed to showthat every man should be a beer drinker. Beer drinking is as old asthe American society with majority of drinkers being men while womenare left at home.

  1. How might other people understand this message differently?

Someyoung men may understand that it is expected and natural for all mento drink beer. Others may think that people may have switched todrinking other brands than Heineken hence the persuasion. Otherpeople may also think that the ad is a market drive.

  1. What values or point-of-views are captured or omitted in this message?

Thead negates the negative aspects of beer drinking such as healthdeterioration due to alcohol abuse. Beer drinking also leads tocancers such as liver cancer, diabetes and kidney failure amongothers.

  1. Why was this message produced?

Thisad was produced to ensure that the Heineken brand becomes popular toa wider population to diversify the profits of the company.


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Thead is available here: Heineken- Walk in Fridge – YouTube

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