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Afriend called Bruce on campus, has a part-time business of sellingapparel. Specifically, he sells sport wear. One interesting thingabout him is how he connects with his customers and potential buyersthrough social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and apersonal blog site, which he advertises on these social networks. Healso has plans of launching a website for his business that wouldenable customers to make direct orders for sport wear. Although thebusiness is not huge, it is a great size for a sole proprietorshipfor a person of his age and still in school. It is interesting tonote that Bruce is directly applying what they learn in class aboutsocial networking as a game changer in contemporary business.Business has become consumer-oriented and the more marketing targetsindividual customers on a more personalized level the more maximumvalue is achieved (Shah 41)

Anybusiness students would like Bruce’s approach because it has hugepotential for growth. As the professor mentioned in class socialnetworking is a phenomenon that has dramatically made it possible forbusiness people to establish online profiles that connect them to themarket. Unlike before business people, professionals, and enterprisesare able to connect with a vast population in the market fromdifferent geographical locations in the world (Cooke, Philip, andDavid 223). Bruce’s small business may not be huge enough to servemany people but it is likely to grow considering that he can connectwith as many people as possible. Furthermore, when the business growslarge enough Bruce will already have established a huge client basefor his business. Bruce decision to use social networking is indeedvery innovative and the right step as a business student.

Brucemust objectives are quite clear. He is eager to create a businessreputation both online and offline. Those who met him on online areable to connect identify with his products and his brand name. Thefact that people share to each other about what interests them andtheir friends there are chances that Bruce intends to familiarizeand popularize his business. Bruce is also in search for more salesacross the market spectrum. When a customer sees his products onlineand orders for one or two, it is definitely a sales opportunity thatBruce would not wait but exploit. Finally, Bruce intends to maintainthe customers he already has for his business. The visit the socialnetwork sites from time to time to check on new apparel. Frequentupdates are vital in prompting impulse purchases from his customerswho are obviously sports penchants.

Bruceinnovative ideas are a challenge to many university and collegestudents to consider engaging in entrepreneurship. The best way toapply what they learn business classes are to put in practice throughpersonal businesses such as Bruce’s. Bruce currently makes $5,000per month, an indication that his social networking techniques areworking. Bruce says that many people do not know him personally butonline. He gets to meet some customers when closing a purchase.Others simply pick their apparel from designated outlets. Usingsocial networking sites to tap the market is effective. Asillustrated above, Bruce is one of young entrepreneurs alreadyearning a lot out of it. Therefore, what the professor taught aboutthe potency of social networking in the modern business environmentwas not far from the truth. The best example is right in the sameclass.


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Shah,Rawn. SocialNetworking for Business: Choosing the right tools and resources tofit your needs.Wharton School Publishing, 2010.

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