Thedevelopment of modern art started during the Industrial Revolutionthat lasted for a century effective 18thcentury. During this period, there were numerous changes that tookplace in the transportation and technology industries among others.The changes affected the economic, social and cultural life of peoplein America and later spread to the entire world (Britt, 2011). It ledto the establishment of new ways of transportation such as railroadthat improved the way people worked, travelled and lived. Majority ofthe people in rural areas migrated to urban cities during theIndustrial Revolution period for industrial jobs. Before theintroduction of modern art, artists were contracted by big andwealthy industries such as churches to make artwork and paid oncommission basis (Britt, 2011). The development of modern art enabledartists to make other artwork such as about places, people and anyother idea that they thought of and had experience. Artists were ableto explore dreams and it led to establishment of new art styles. Itgrew at a steady rate that in turn led to changes in the society.

Oneof the art styles is the Impressionism. It was the first style of artin the history of modern art. It was first developed in Paris wherebyit represented a style of painting. Impressionism was done insidestudios and they studied the effects of light and color on objects(Britt, 2011). It is argued that these artists preferred subjectsthat dealt with landscapes and scenes in the daily life experiences.They were able to capture the atmosphere at a specific time as wellas analyzing the effects of various weather conditions. The picturesare from outdoor scenes, painted with a lot of color, bright andvibrant. One of the impressionist artworks was a painting done byClaude Monet. Claude had painted a picture of Sunrise that hepresented at Paris art show. It was the best painting in the show(Britt, 2011). He worked well with light and he made several otherpictures using the same patchy texture and effect on differentobjects.


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