Moral Lesson Narrative

MoralLesson Narrative

Learningmorals are a consistent progress that keeps people in a constantsense of awareness that ethics can be acquired at any time. This wasmy realization when I was in the internship program in one of thelocal hospitals at my home place. During the last fall, I was offereda chance to work in the storage section of the local hospital as anassistant. My job entailed organizing the chemist supplies, keep therecords and help the store keeper to monitor the flow of medicalsupplies in and out. I was also supposed to assist the store keeperto identify, classify and issue the medical supplies to the sectionsof the hospital that presented valid requisition notes.

Theprocess for issuing the medical supplies was supposed to start withthe members of sections at the hospital filing their requisitionnotes that are then approved by their head of departments. Onceapproved, they were supposed to be presented to the storekeeper, whowould issue the required medical equipment and drugs. I enjoyed thejob because it allowed me to work in another section of a health careinstitution, rather than in the nursing, caring or treatmentsections. I learnt how the other sections of the administrationfunction, so that the health care services to patients are smooth.

AsI stayed and worked at the store, I learned several processes andnoticed how these processes could be simplified and also abused.After three weeks, I noticed that the store keeper and one head ofdepartment were colluding to defraud the hospital off its medicalsupplies and equipment. Particularly, they stole the commonly usedmedical equipment. The store keeper would supply non-existencerequisition notes that would only be approved by his partner in theward section. The two would issue to themselves several hospitalequipment and medicine that were meant to be used in the hospital.Later I realized that they were selling the stolen supplies toprivate clinics outside the town and enjoy the fraudulent profits.

Thiswas wrong and was against the professional ethics that are anchoredin the spirit of honesty and service to humanity. Instead of themedical supplies, helping patients at the hospital, the stolenequipment and medicine was directed to personal selfish gains by thetwo members of staff. The situation placed me in a dilemma of whetherto report the case or not. In fear of causing chaos in thedepartments, I decided to keep quiet and assume nothing was going on.However, I felt guilty every time I stepped into the office of thehospital administrator. Fortunately, they were discovered by theinternal auditors while on their annual audits and were consequentlyinterdicted.

Thesituation taught me some morals that I endeavor to uphold up to date.First, I learnt that every person in an institution is as importantas everyone. Therefore, we should all work towards upholding themorals and ethics. Secondly, I learnt that I should always report anyunethical behavior by any of the members of staff at any level. Thismoral lesson cost me the rest of my internship because the auditorsfound out that I must have realized. Even if I did not do anythingwrong, I kept quiet while the hospital was losing a great deal ofmedical supplies to two fraudulent members of staff. Therefore, itwas my moral responsibility to report the unethical behaviors to theadministrator.

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