Motivation and Performance Management



The management of work force has been a crucial part in the firmmanagement process. Work force plays a critical role in theorganization performance and their human element need to berecognized by the organization they work for. A well-managedorganization will have to take a look of an average worker as themain source of quality and the productivity gains. Such company doesnot consider capital investments but invests in the employees who arethe significant source of the improvement in performance gains.Well-managed organization will make sure there is spirit ofcooperation with a sense of commitment and satisfaction.

Difference between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

Job satisfaction is normally how individual content is connected tothe job indicating their aspect of whether or not one likes the jobsor individual aspect or even the facets of jobs such as the nature ofworking and level of supervision. According to research, jobsatisfaction depends upon the satisfaction measures and the level ofone feeling toward the job. On the other hand, organizationcommitment is the strong desires of one to remain or be part ofcertain organization. As well, it considers the individualswillingness to exert higher levels of efforts to the organizationform of working. As well, organization commitment considers thebeliefs and acceptability levels to the firm values, goals andobjectives.

Coca-Cola is a large multinational company that has employed morethat 700,000 people. The company has established a very specificmotivational practice that does ensure they retain their employees.The practice applied by the company has made the employees to dotheir best and feel as part of the company, playing a crucial role inshaping the future of the company (Coca-Cola Company, 2014).

Motivational Theory and Performance Management Principles

Coca-Cola Company highly prioritizes treating the employees well. Thecompany has helped its employees in developing and offering them arewarding working life. As to the company, they prefer creating anenvironment where the employee will excel in their performance,develop desired skill for improvements and move towards achievingtheir career goals (Coca-Cola Company, 2014).

The company provides training and development programs,on-the-job-learning, feedback and coaching. The success of thecompany highly depends upon the motivated and the committedemployees. The company ensures that employees feel that they have arole to play in assisting the business and meet the set goals with abetter understanding of whom they are. The level of employee’sengagement is measured in various ways especially with the businessand the satisfaction level with the working lives. Some of the waysadopted is holding constructive dialogue with the company employees,employee’s surveys and the forming representative groups (Coca-ColaCompany, 2014).

The company has believed that all employees must enjoy their workinglife while at Coca-Cola. To retain and attract skillful people, thecompany has recognized the aspect of investing in the employee’sdevelopment. Training and development is taken as a serious issuewithin the firm. The company has invested in the employees and itaims at strengthening the crucial areas that direct the businessperformance, employees development plans, talent management,leadership development and employee performance management. Thecompany has offered competitive pays with motivational benefits aprocess that has attracted and retained most of the talentedindividuals.


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