My Best Job National Park Scouts


MyBest Job: National Park Scouts

MyBest Job: National Park Scouts

Beinga national park Scouts is the Best job ever. It entails travellingfrom one National park to the other, noting the adventures and takingphotos of the most beautiful sceneries which are put in ourgalleries. This job gives people an opportunity to camp under thestars, seeing and listening to the birds singing early in themorning.

Dayto day activities involves exploring wildlife andanalyzing theirimportance to human nature and cultural systems, going on hikes onRocky Mountains to investigate the adaptation of different animalsand also taking evidence of animals that make Rocky Mountains andForests their home (Harwood,2013).These investigations are facilitated by the frequent investigativeand artistic activities allocated to different teams.

Themost interesting part is the opportunity to meet millions of peopleevery year who visit the national parks, be it domestic tourism orforeigners and taking them through the breath taking sceneries,narrating stories of existence of different wild animals and theiradaptive characteristics (Harwood,2013).It is so amazing to see tourists really thrilled by the idea of howanimals and plants symbiotically rely on each other, be it for food,shelter or hiding places from the predators.

Nevertheless,a national park scout encounters some challenges such as going for aday or two without taking a bath, facing some wild animals that arescary and at times dangerous and having to get close enough to the animals considered to be life threatening. As much as the challengescause an adrenaline rush, I must admit they make the job interestingand comes with numerous lessons particularly with regard to survivalskills.

Inconclusion, every job is interesting if one has a positive attitude.No matter how dangerous some scenery are, especially during winter,where one has to build avalanche to stay in for a day in the snow,positive attitude and determination to get the job done turns thechallenges into adventures.


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