My Fair Lady


MyFair Lady Summary

MyFair Lady Summary

Thestory is about the good times that the narrator had with his latewife and members of his family. The narrator tells how he and hisfamily would go to a country fair to have fun and have some good timeback in 1968. The narrator tells of how he and the family bought goodthings to eat and play around with. By showing these memories, thenarrator describes the best moments that the country fair held forthem. They were able to buy many good foods and enjoy the sweetnessof the chicken and sodas.

Afterthe fun at the fair, they would buy things to take back home from thefair to enjoy on the night. They would sit down at home and bring tomind the good time each had at the country fair that day. Thenarrator recalls how he would extravagantly buy expensive balloonswhile Ethel was good at saving money to fit their feasting at thefair. The narrator and her partner would repeat the same habit ofvisiting the country fair every year until the 1980s. Particularly,the narrator recounts their 1987 visit as the last date they had atthe fair, after being married for 32 years.

Thenarrator views the good times at the fair as one of the things thatkept their marriage together and in love for all those years. Thenarrator further goes to remember how their last date at the fair wasjust like the others over the years, except for the children. Theirchildren had grown and would come visiting for dinner with theirchildren. However, on this day, he remembers his beloved wife nearher grave at the cemetery. She passed on but he keeps the memoriesattached to his heart, just like they spent time at the country fair.

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