Myaudience is the students who want a clue about how campus life feels.These students are the ones who want to pursue business field. Theexperience will motivate them and gives them a clue on what theyexpect to encounter.

MyIdeal Campus Experience

Everyindividual that has passed through any education system has an idealeducational experience. People have different experiences to tell inregard with their different education stages[ CITATION ICH08 l 1033 ].Whethergood or bad, simple or hard, educational experience shapes people forbetter understanding. It is trough education experience that, peopledevelops wider perspective of thinking and analyzing situations that,they encounter later in life. Hence, the paper discusses my idealeducational experience in campus life.

Myideal campus experience can be termed as a discovery experience. Theconcept of my experience can be applied in both personal discovery ofoneself and in educational context. The kind of campus experience isthat of new and better thinking, experience of new ideas, andexperience of better understanding of various perspectives[ CITATION Nov14 l 1033 ].It is an experience of acquiringthe required tools for critical and creative thinking. Engagement ofactive roles in campus like those of debate narratives and groupdiscussions has developed my way of arguing than when I was ateenager. The experience sharpened my personality and confidence. Amable to interact freely without fear, ask questions in lectures andmore importantly being a group leader of educational clubs and groupassignment leader.

Theadvanced rounded campus curriculum serves as an igniter to grateraspirations. Individual outlook and many areas of study in campusenvironment prepare to strive for higher analysis of societycomplexity[ CITATION Sha13 l 1033 ].Search for assignment materials in the campus library with huge anddifferent books for one assignment widened my understanding of thosetopics and the course at large. Improved awareness that is because ofcampus life has enabled me to have a positive interest in the word ofbusiness. The awareness has helped me to understand better the worldof business and its contribution to the economy. Business contributesgreatly to the development of persons, nations and the world atlarge. The awareness that I have gained has helped me understand howorganizations are formed managed and run to meet the target goals. The experience has contributed to better understanding of accounting,human resourcing, marketing, and other business components more thanwhen I was in high school[ CITATION Tit14 l 1033 ].In campus,I engage in complex accounting and sometimes go for research inbusiness organization as part of my project, which further sharpensmy understanding. I also do further research studies in the campuslibrary and from the internet to better my understanding the thing Inever used to do while I was a teenager.

Myinvolvement in business has further provoked me to pursue furthereducation in entrepreneur. Entrepreneur can be defined as both a artand science of creating or coming up with job ideas. Current studiesshow that, there is a greater agency to address the issue ofunemployment globally. Unemployment can be eradicated through jobcreation. The experience in business has opened my eyes to seeopportunities where other people think there is no opportunity[ CITATION Was13 l 1033 ].I have better understanding on how to plan and run small business.However, with further experience and further entrepreneurialeducation thatI intend to acquire, I am sure I will be able to contributepositively to the economy.

Unemploymentand poverty can be eradicated through education. This education canbe achieved through further studies in campus, attending seminars andworkshops to mention some. For instance in my campus live I attendedvarious business seminars and workshops. In these seminars, I learneda lot about modern ways of doing business. For instance, I learnedthat business world currently is very competitive. In trying, to fitto the market, one needs to develop strategic skills that, are uniquefrom the others. I learned practically how a good business plancontributes to the better performance of business. Underentrepreneur, which is another component of business I learned how tocome up with business ideas. Business ideas can be either new idea inthe marked or unique ideas from the existing ideas. The experience isthat how one organizes and presents his/her idea plan is what mattersmost. Commitment and adherence to the plans as well determines thesuccess of the business idea when implemented.

Inmy pursuit of business studies, I have encountered with greatbusiness people in the world. Some have miraculously made it withlittle knowledge, as they never went past high school[ CITATION Sha13 l 1033 ].However,in my keen observation I realized these kinds of people usesgraduates to work for them. However, most of these great businesspeople passed through same ideal education experience. I can conquerthat campus life creates a better avenue for the success ofindividuals. Not only securing jobs, one can start and manage ownbusiness which will alternatively earn this person income. In my ownprograms of studies I discovered being own boss and creatingemployment to the jobless is better than doing employed. In all that,I am experiencing and aspiring to do in life I give credit to mycampus life that has created the better understanding in my life.

Thereis no cost for my ideal experience as it a private paper experience.Should be free to motivate my audience.


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