My most significance experience

Mymost significance experience

Mymost significance experience is becoming an international student ina US High School. Coming to the United States for high school studiescan introduce cultural, social and geographical differences, whicheven the most prepared students, might not expect. I do understandthat life is an experience and can set out countless ways for anindividual to choose and aspire for greater things. From classroommanners, to high school way of life, studying at a US school has mademe encounter so many different experiences, which have greatlyinfluenced my way of life and impacted greatly on my generalperspective on life. In this discourse, I will discuss theexperiences and cultural changes that I have seen or experienced inmy US stay as an international student. In fact, the move to USremains one of my most noteworthy moment in my life.

Learningat a U.S. higher learning institution is more interactive compared toChina. Personally, I was not prepared for such an interactivelearning environment and so came to as a shock. As a transnationalstudent, one is expected to be an independent learner, have a moreupfront awareness of what is expected of you. Through thisexperience, I have learned to be a more responsible, interactivestudent who is ready to go an extra mile always to accomplish all myassignments without being pushed around. High school studies in theUS are not harder compared to China, but they are different. Forinstance, in the United States, I have taken fewer subjects butresearch much deeper into the subject material compared to Chinastudies, in which the subject are many but shallow.

Inclass, studies are more interactive, meaning they require morespeaking and discussions. Having to perform and present before otherstudents is an experience, which has greatly influenced my creativityand communication skills. I have learned how to make a discussionlivelier and hence greatly sharpened both my written and spokenlanguage. With open communication channels, tutors and teachers alsoengage in real discussions and not just lecturing and giving notes.To succeed in such an interactive class setting, one has to have somecompetitive edge. From this experience, I have learned to becompetitive in order to compete with my classmate and hence meet myacademic targets. Competition is everywhere in the world, but Americacreates an encouraging environment for one to compete favorably withother people. In fact, it does not matter one’s social status, butall that matters is one’s capacity, objectives, and vision.

Beforecoming to the US, I thought of the country as a highly urbanized withalmost every part being a huge city such as California, New York, andthe rest. However, from the dynamic streets of New York to the wideand flat plains of Kansas, it is difficult to define the UnitedStates with a single term in terms of geography. Having notresearched the area geographically before joining high school, thiscame as a surprise to me. I have learned that the US is just like anyother country geographically with some school located in interiorremote areas far away from big cities. The climate also differs withwinters being extremely cold and almost intolerable. According toHopkins, it is important for international students to researchclimatic conditions of the US thoroughly in order to prepareadequately for moving there.

Thefirst days of living and studying in the US can introduce so manycultural diversities to an individual, which might come as a shock toseveral international students. I had learned of a few culturallydifferences between China and the US, but I had never thought thatthey would be so many and so pronounced. Due to globalization,American culture has been enriched by the values and belief systemsof practically every part of the world. From an internationalstudent’s perspective, I can say that I have found this culturaldiversity to be very valuable. I have learned to coexist with variouspeople from various cultural backgrounds, in order to comfortably fitin the US and enrich my values and beliefs. As a transnationalstudent, if you choose to live a separate and sole cultural andsocial life, you experience so many challenges and find lifedifficult. On the other hand, if you to choose to have a positiveattitudes and be ready to interact with culturally diverse people,you learned a lot and found it easy to settle in the US. A differentcultural situation can seem difficult at first, but going throughsuch a change and succeeding makes one feel overjoyed. As such,America has allowed me to get a glimpse of the best world thus, agreater understanding of cultural strengths.

Sincemoving into the US, my social life has greatly changed due to thevarious social experiences that I have encountered. Communication isan integral part of social interactions in the US. In the US, Manypeople use the social media such as Twitter, Facebook and emails tosocially interact. I have since become a vigorous participant ofthese communication platforms to make more friends and get importantacademic information from my fellow students and teachers. However,in order to resist the urge o spend so many of my free hours glued toa computer screen, I have learned to positively introduce myself tomore friends by going out and socializing in order to get a fullAmerican social experience. In addition, I have managed to cultivatea good rapport and interpersonal skills, which have helped me incommunicating and developing my social life. The command of English,I have attained has allowed me to understand major cultures of theworld as well engaging constructively with people from differentcountries.

Itcan be established that my moving into the US as a transnational highschool student is one of the significant experience I haveencountered, which has greatly impacted on my life. From theclassroom experiences, social, geographical to cultural differences,the United States has offered me a range of experiences, which havepositively influenced my general perspective and the actual way oflife. In addition, I have undertaken to ponder on the experiences Iencounter each day, which has made me realize the cultural diversitythat exist in America. In fact, coming to America has transpired as ablessing to most international learners, including myself sincelearners recognize that they can attain any dreams they set. I do notmean to suggest that I would have failed back home, but I mean thathave gained an experience I would not gain while at home. Forexample, America is the most diverse nation in the world and takingadvantage of this diversity allows one attain remarkable dreams. Inthis regards, coming to America remains the highlight of my life asit has changed my perception of life and successes as well as allowedme to appreciate capacities and myself.

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