Narrative Poem Sir Sidney Poitier


NarrativePoem: Sir Sidney Poitier

NarrativePoem: Sir Sidney Poitier


Tomany he is a hero, although he started at zero,

SidneyPoitier the actor, although no description fit his character,

Hewas born in Miami Florida, but he managed to conquer America(Goudsouzian&ampPoitier, 2004),

Initiallythought to be too bad to be a poet, he proved to be too good for onerole to fit

Wasthere any strong brace, to keep down his face? No, not even racecould deny him his place,

Conqueringthe world in a voice so gentle, and to other actors he held themantle,

Creatingthe way for respect of a black man, and having a lesson for all tolearn,

Withdignity he fought for black man’s freedom, and managed to eliminaterace in film,

Schoolingin life rather than conventional classrooms, for many he created thebasis,

Evenwhen under fire for being mildly politically radical in the 60s, hemaintained his grace in the subsequent 10-years hiatus,

Yetnot even the disruption of his glorified stint, could future successin film prevent,

Differentroles in film he took, even with little knowledge of book,

Evenwhen he was barred by his race, he could not allow himself to touchthe base,

Hehad too much to lose, to allow himself the fight to lose,

Isit any wonder he won accolades that make it easy to pick him inparades?

Athis level not many are at par, and as a Knight Commander he should becalled “Sir”,

Evenat the age of eighty-eight we can hear his voice, that informs usthat we have a choice,

Makethe world a better place, after all that is the best way to book inmemory a place.


Goudsouzian,A., &amp Poitier, S. (2004).&nbspSidneyPoitier: Man, actor, icon.Chapel Hill London: University of North Carolina Press.

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