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Atthe age of sixteen, life was smooth and moving on well. Education wasimportant to have a good future this landed me in a high school.Julius welcomed me warmly and became my best friend. I grew up in aChristian family where I followed religious guidelines strictlyprovided and instilled discipline in me. I attended school and churchfellowship.

Juliusintroduced me to George, and my life took another angle from a small,naive, intelligent, and disciplined boy. I was transformed into abarbaric, uncouth and ill-mannered young man gradually. I couldlisten to no advice, neither from my parents nor my teachers.

Ibegan using hard drugs that shattered my dreams of becoming aneurosurgeon. I desired to become a neurosurgeon after growing upwith my younger brother who suffered from a brain tumor. Tears couldroll down my cheeks each time I saw the pain and agony he wentthrough. On several occasions, I would see George and his friendshappily enjoying the drugs. He constantly persuaded me to join thembut due to my Christian background I refused.

Presently,I do not understand how I found myself abusing drugs. I rememberclearly on that day I smoked marijuana. I felt so good, it wasincredible what I had missed for all the years the feeling wasincredible and unexplainable. I wished could feel it more and moreeach and every day.

Fatewould have it I lost all that I had and deteriorated in my class, andthis raised concern from my parents. This was evident when I failedmy third-year grade, and my parents kept on questioning and demandinganswers from me (Hart 4). I felt that they were disturbing andnagging as I could no longer withstand it anymore.

Itwas at this time I took a bold step in my life, not knowing it was agreat mistake, I moved out of my parents and went to live with Georgeand his gang. Here, comfort and independence were what I enjoyedmost life was good thus I did not see the need of continuing withschool.

EverythingI wanted was readily available, we could go for clubbing and partyingas this is what added flavor to life. At this juncture, I became anexpert on the use of hard drugs that is heroin and cocaine. The moreI indulged in the drugs, the more I got cozy with women (Hart 19). Iwould sleep with different women with no guilt accompanying me.

Alcoholwas not left out in my list of expertise. I combined the drugs thismade me feel I had held the whole world in my hands little did Iknow that choices have consequences (Hart 9). The results of myactions started to follow me one by one.

Atsome point, my body became weak and weary. I was diagnosed with drugaddiction disorders and breathing problems. This made me a burden toGeorge, who had no alternative other than taking care of me.Unfortunately, I became a burden to him, and thus he withdrew hissupport to me rendering our friendship more than the impossible.

Georgedid not care about me anymore, as I was now useless and according tohim was a burden he even left me several days hungry. By and by,reality dawned on me that life had to take its course, and my healthdeteriorated drastically. I had no basic necessities and could notrun to my family, friends or relatives. I could not believe a friendI trusted much could do such a heinous act on me.

Imoved down the street from one destination to another on an emptystomach looking for a place I could spend the nights. It appeared theworld was coming to an end. I started regretting of my actions. Ireminisce about my life and tears rolled down the cheeks as it dawnedon me. I had wasted my high school life.

Idid not know what life had in store for me Georges’ group wouldnot be part of me. I was beyond turning back since I was paying formy deeds and could not go back home after going against my parents`wish and thus had to stay in the streets and suffer alone.

Oneearly morning, a middle-aged woman walked to where I was in thestreets and slowly approached me with the sympathizing eyes. Shestarted a conversation with me and greeted me “How are you thismorning?” I replied with a shaking voice “Fine, thank you.” Shestretched out her hands for greetings, but I hesitated to respond,she assured me of her assistance and informed me her name was Vivian.

Sheheld my hand and raised me up and promised to help me find the remedyto the problems I was going through. My body was weak even to standup was a problem. She offered to assist me, and looking at her Ifound tears rolling down her cheeks. I took a bold step and acceptedchange and was ready to be helped. It was such a great scenario thatwas unforgettable and a changing point of my life.

Viviantook me to a hotel and ordered for a cup of milk for me to regainstrength a heavy breakfast was brought which I ate swiftly. We wentto her house I took a bath and changed into clean clothes. Wevisited a healthcare facility for an examination test. They claimed Iwas in a critical condition and had to be admitted. Treatment wasadministered, and my recovery was imminent. She paid all my bills asthis made me remorseful.

Iwoke up after two days and found Vivian sitting next to my bed. Shewas holding a mirror. She asked me who I saw. Disbelief was all overmy face. I saw a stranger and could not believe it was me. Viviangave me advice on life, how I could reform and make my future to abetter place. I was sorry for my mistakes and promised to turn over anew leaf.

Ireflected on my life, dreams and ambitions that were all lost. Iregretted the things that happened to me, but I could not fathom whathad transpired. My friend, mentor, mother, and savior gave me thestrength to implement all my decisions. She invited a counselor inher house for me to go through rehabilitation processes, and she gaveme hope and the future that I needed desperately. Some few monthslater, I was reformed from addiction.

MadamVivian then accompanied me to visit my parents who couldn’t believethe tremendous change I had gone through compared to how they hadseen me months before, joy and jubilation sparked my parent’s homeas everyone witnessed as we celebrated the reunion of a lost son. Iwould forever be grateful to Madam Vivian.


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