New Media and Culture

NewMedia and Culture

Socialmedia has been one of the most fundamental aspects of thecontemporary human society. Indeed, it would be difficult to imagineof a world without the varied social media platforms, which haveinfiltrated almost every aspect of human beings lives includingsocial aspects economic and even marketing. This is particularly thecase for Facebook, which may be considered the most recognizablesocial media site. Nevertheless, as much as Facebook may be aparticularly resourceful platform for varied activities, theexploitation of its capabilities depends on the comprehension of itscharacteristics.

Thereare varied characteristics that distinguish Facebook from otherwebsites. First, the social media platform is user-based, with theflow of information emanating from the content and conversations ofusers. This is unlike other websites where the content would befounded on content updated by a particular user and read by thewebsite visitors. This means that the direction that the contenttakes would be subject to the ideas of the individuals taking part inthe discussion (Kabani53). On the same note, Facebook has its core characteristic asinteractive, in which case it is not merely a collection of forumsand chatrooms. Indeed, it is filled will numerous gaming applicationsamong others that users are choosing for pastime other than theconventional televisions. Similarly, Facebook is community drivengiven that it is built and becomes popular on the basis of communityconcepts (EvansandJake27). This implies that Facebook thrives on the principle of membershaving common hobbies and beliefs as indicated by the varied groupsthat are created, for instance, members of a particular school, club,or even company.

Thereare varied reasons why it is important to comprehend thecharacteristics of the social media platform. First, it would allowindividuals to exploit the varied capabilities that it brings to them(Kabani58). Indeed, it is well acknowledged that a large number of companieshave used Facebook to increase their reach across the globe andadvertise their services and products. It is only by comprehendingthe characteristics of the platform that the marketers woulddetermine the most appropriate and effective messages for theaccomplishment of a particular goal. Such messages, in the case ofFacebook would have to be fun and interactive, so as to attractimmense viewership and following (BarefootandJulie46). It is also well acknowledged that such content would have tocombine content (for the sake of information) and emotion (so as toappeal to the emotions of the audience and create a sense ofbelonging).

Inaddition, understanding the characteristics would enable them todetermine the most appropriate ways of getting ideas from potentialclients regarding how to meet their needs. This may involve creatinga group where the members engage in a particular challenge so as towin particular gifts within a specific period of time (BarefootandJulie47). Such engagement would essentially allow the members to feel asif they own the entire process and, therefore, own the products andservices more.

Further,comprehension of the characteristics would allow users to determinethe best and most effective way for eliminating or combating negativefeedback or comments. More often than not, controversy on socialmedia carries the day particularly given the fact that it alwayscomes with some fun (EvansandJake34). However, knowing the characteristics of the platform wouldenable marketers to determine the most appropriate and effective wayof combating the negative feedback or attacks so as to propel thepopularity of the company and the products or services.


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