News Video Comparison


NewsVideo Comparison

NewsVideo Comparison

Newsitems in the coverage of news items by television and news agencieshave changed over time in terms of style and context. The coverage ofnews in videos has changed because of the changing times, technologyand shifts in the values that news agencies have regarding the eventsthat they cover. To explore this aspect, this paper analyses one ofthe CNN video coverage of the 9/11 terror attack on the UnitedStates. To contrast the video news item of fourteen years ago, thispaper will explore the BBC news coverage of the TransAsia plane crashin Taipei. The discussion and illustrations in this radio commentarywill illustrate that the style of news coverage has changed, but theprinciples behind news programs remains the same.

Asyou will notice with many news videos and programs, the indication ofa live coverage sign at one of the screen corners of a video issensitively monitored. The “live” indication shows that videoshows a live event in real time. During the earlier years, the “live”sign was placed in the entire news program, and not removed duringthe show of a footage that was shot moments before. For instance, inthe CNN video coverage of the 9/11, the “live” image is placedeven when the video being shown was not reflecting a real time event.

Onthe other hand, the BBC coverage of plane that crashed in Taipei doesnot add a “live” clip on the video that appears when covering thepast event. The clip of the video was not “live” even though theplane crash was captured in the city of Taipei. This shows that thecurrent news coverage is sensitive to the indication of live and filefootage of past news events. In addition, the quality of the soundand the video has changed because of the development of thetechnology involved. Compared to the CNN video, the BBC video has ahigher quality video and a clearer sound.

Despitethe slight changes, the principles behind the presentation of newsitems and programs have remained the same over the years. One of theprinciples is that of getting close to the story and presenting theevents as real as they can be. Television stations will go out oftheir way to bring the news items as real as possible, in order tocreate vivid images to the audience. To achieve this, they usedifferent methods of presenting the real events happening. In the CNNcoverage of 9/11, the news program covered the live or recordedburning of the twin towers soon after the terror attack. In a similarway, the BBC showed a video footage of the plane crash as recorded bythe town cameras.

Inaddition, the television coverage of hot news items is alsoaccompanied with graphics that give more information after the event.These graphics give more details, but in brief as the programcontinues. For instance, the two videos have the words “BreakingNews” written in graphical colors and a short description of thestory being presented to the audience. This will differentiate thenews story as current breaking news and not a developing story. Theelements of the presentation show that the principles behind thepresentation of breaking news are are the same and have not changed.Despite the changes, the style of video presentation has changed overtime.


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