Non-verbal Communication in Interviews


Non-verbalCommunication in Interviews

Nonverbalcommunication has emerged as one of the most important forms ofcommunications in an interview that can help in determining futuresuccess of a candidate seeking a certain job opportunity. FromRonald’s book, Applicationsof Nonverbal Communication,it is evident that nonverbal communication is critical in thedevelopment of certain roles (Ronald &amp Robert, 2005). Therefore,right from interviewing of recruits, nonverbal communication needs tobe clearly scrutinized. The aim of this assignment is to explain howconcepts from Applicationsof Nonverbal Communicationcan help in enhancing professional development endeavors.

Theinformation from this source can help in enhancing professionaldevelopment. Different nonverbal cues that are relevant in aninterview have been highlighted by the source as important. One ofthe nonverbal communication elements that the source presents entailsphysical attractiveness. Physical attractiveness entails the mannerin which a person presents himself during an interview (Ronald &ampRobert, 2005). Presentation is an important element in professionaldevelopment since the manner in which an individual presentshimself/herself speaks volume of how well a person is prepared inentering the profession. Another element of nonverbal communicationthat is perceived to have great importance in interview andprofessional development entails appropriate business attire. Duringan interview, a person should have proper business attire, whichhelps in sending the message that he/she is fit for the profession(Ronald &amp Robert, 2005). Appropriate business attire is criticalfor career development since it helps a person to identify with theprofession. A person that do not have appropriate business attire canbe considered unfit to enter into the profession because it can beseen as if the person is unprepared to enter the profession. Besides,the element of maintaining eye contact in an interview has also beenconsidered an important aspect of nonverbal communication in aninterview and professional development. Maintaining eye contact iscritical in professional development since it helps in predictingsuccess in interpersonal relationship at work.

Asa manager of IT in a major company, the topic of nonverbalcommunication is critical since it would assist in the development ofthe career. As a manager, I can be in a position to support theorganization in the hiring process by identifying different nonverbalcommunication aspects that different candidates may show. Forinstance, in case interviews are carried out through videoconferencing, it is possible to indicate whether a certain individualhas shown the required nonverbal communication elements. Besides, thetopic is relevant since it has helped in understanding the variousaspects nonverbal communication that are critical in enhancing ownprofession.

Throughdifferent nonverbal communication aspects, it is possible to maintaininterpersonal relationship at work, when working as a manager in theIT division. Maintaining of interpersonal relationship at work iscrucial since it can help in reaching professional goals. The topicis relevant towards the professional development as an IT managersince it clearly provides the importance of different nonverbalcommunication elements. As an IT manager, I can use these importantnonverbal communication elements in guiding professionals in theunit. For instance, in communicating to the individuals working inthe division, I can use the nonverbal communication elements whichmay help in adding to the relevance of the message communicated. Forinstance, through maintaining eye contact, the individuals in the ITdivision are likely to be confident with what I would tell them. Thiswould be critical in executing the roles as a manager since peoplewould have confidence in what I say. From the source, I have learnedthat I possess good nonverbal communication skills. I agree with thepoint presented by the source, which indicates that nonverbalcommunication may aid in predicting success in interpersonalrelationship (Ronald &amp Robert, 2005). This is due to thepresentation it helps to achieve.

Therefore,nonverbal communication should be considered as important because itcan help a person in attaining success in his/her profession. Forinstance, through nonverbal communication, one can be in a positionof maintaining interpersonal relationship with others a move thatcan help in attaining different professional goals. Hence, the topiccan be seen as of immense significance.


Ronald,E.R. &amp Robert, S.F. (2005). Applicationsof Nonverbal Communication.New York: Psychology Press.

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