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HowChinese Government Policy Effect Chinese Society


Overthe time, there has been a huge gap or difference between the Asianand the Western nation’s style of politics or the politicalaspects. Taking an example of China and United States, there is amassive difference between the two countries, political aspects. Inbrief definition, the two states differs in terms of governments aschina is known for its communist state, while the Americans are knownfor their constitutional based federal, with a strong democratictradition. Having studied in the United States, I have the experienceof the two nations and there is a vast difference the two countriespolitics. From the political definitions of the two nations (Chinaand USA), it’s evident that, the two nations have a vast diversityamong their political aspects (Shostya et al, 194). This paper looksat the comparison between the American and the Chinese politics.Additionally, the paper looks to discern the differences frankedbetween the Chinese and United States political aspects ordefinitions, as well as identifying which offers the best politicalenvironment.

ThesisStatement Acountry’s political directly affects the society. The Chinesegovernment policy determines the success of the Chinese society,Americangovernment policy is better than the Chinese, policy. The diversitybetween the two nations is vast, and hence the difference between thesuccess of the societies.

PaperstructureThispaper structure will be made of 4 parts, the introduction, anddefinition of terms, politics in china, politics in the US,comparison of the two political aspects (China and America), the linkbetween the drafts, and final conclusions.

HistoryReview: Chinese Politics/Political System

Asinitially, identified, china, and most of the western nations havecompletely different political systems which can be highlightedthrough three different and unique characteristics of Chinesesystems. These three characteristics are theone party rule,officialstyle, scholars,and also thedirect involvement in the process of decision making (Olsonet al, 25).

Oneof the major characteristic of the Chinese politics is that, it’sruled through the one party system. This is whereby, its only oneparty system that forms the government (single political partysystem). Despite the emergence of other political parties, theyaren’t allowed to participate in elections or are else given alimited/controlled contribution. The system allows other parties toparticipate in the cases of balance of power, but the oppositions areprevented from winning elections. In terms of political factions,although they are governed by one party system, it entails otherdifferent factions within the ruling party china is led by theChinese communist party however, from the functionality of thesingle party system, it’s easy to implement decision making.Nevertheless, it’s easy to lead the country or the party itself inthe wrong direction. With reference to the case of china and thewestern countries which practices the multiparty system of politicsand governance. However, in both cases, the political parties thatmay at one time lose power and in turn want to regain it back, ittakes the opposition parties criticizing the ruling part with thehope of the ruling party making a mistake and lose the power,however, since the western nations` practices rotational presidencyit’s much easier to regain power compare to the Chinese case.

Theapproach to decision making in china on the other hand, is alsodifferent from the western way. Despite the reference to the westernway as the real democracy, the Chinese way is also known asdemocracy, but, there are different forms of democracy that can beimplemented in decision making. In china, the Communist Party and thegovernment are the key parties that participate in decision making.For political and economic reforms, the communist party sets theguideline while the government implements the decisions. China’spolitical system in other words, is known as People’s CongressSystem, which has four main powers and functions, which aresupervision, appointment/removal of officials, legislation, andmaking decisions on major issues (Olson et al, 27).

UnitedStates Political System

TheUnited States is governed by a defined constitution, with thegovernment formed by elective posts whereby the United Statescitizens chose their elective representatives in the government. United States is defined by the existence of only two party systemwhich re key players in the Americas political system. These are therepublican and the democratic parties. The two key parties inAmerica, has played the key role in the definition of the country’spolitical aspects (Moore et al, 46).

Strengths/Weaknessesof Chinese Political System In Comparison To the American PoliticalSystem

Oneof the shortcomings of the Chinese political system is that, it hasthe politics in china has somewhat failed to control country economy.As we all know the Chinese, government controls, security, and inturn hampering the development of the country’s economy and in turncausing a widening gap between the rich and the poor. China on theother has been advocating for CommonProsperity. Thismeans that, rich are to help the poor. However, this policy has beendeemed to deteriorate Chinese economy. Take my teacher as an example:he works 14 hours a day, and earns ten dollars a day. And the farmerwho works in China earns one dollar a day. Data, which research byChinese education, shows that seventy million students are botheredby the problem of leaving off their study.

Issueswith Chinese Political System

Theunemployment rate in china increase everyday so that two hundredmillion people become laid off workers in 2012s. The disparitybetween the city and countryside is obvious. Some cities have manyskyscrapers. But some countryside without pavement and water pipeyet. The Chinese government becomes wealthy, but a Chinese citizenbecomes more impoverished. Nonetheless, the economic policy ofAmerica relies on science and education to rejuvenate the nation. Byimplementing the policy of relying on science and education torejuvenate the nation, the USA can enhance the economy sustained andcoordinate development. The American government will raise threehundred million dollars to foster an education level of science andtechnology teacher. The policy brings about a vast amount of peoplewill gain employment opportunity. In addition the policy willincrease the overall national strength. Although the United States isbothered by the problem of economic recession, the policy of relyingon science and education to rejuvenate the nation will balance thestate budget. There is no doubt that boosting economy growth iscrucial for a country. So, choosing politics of the United States iscorrect.

Itis universally acknowledged that there is no Chinese individual tohave won a Nobel Prize in science. However, there are Americans withChinese affiliations, who have won the Nobel Prize. For example ZhenDao Li, Zhen Ning Yang, and Kun Gao. In contrast, seventy percent ofthe winners from the United States a year. Some say the educationsystem in china helps students lay a solid foundation for studying.Why there is no Chinese won nobler prize of science. Actually, theChinese political system always affects the education system.Education in china is exam-oriented. Theoretical knowledge plays anessential role in the China education system. It makes students lacksocial practice and team spirit. Take me as an example there aredeficient group work and research work in Chinese classes, but thereare excessive tests in Chinese classes. I have to pay specialattention to academic performance, because I have inadequate time toprobe into something expect academic performance. It totallyextinguishes my creativity. As we all know, China has a population ofone billion four hundred million.

Thereare ten million students attending the college entrance examinationevery year. But just six million students have been admitted. Thereis only one chance for each student to take the college entranceexamination, so a student who study in China has high-pressure everyday. In comparison to China, American politics place more stress onputting book theory into practice. Putting book theory into practicecan enrich students’ life, broaden students’ horizon and bringstudents’ imagination, creativity and initiative into full play.Take my friend Tom as an example, he often got social practice, andall of his homework is research work and group work. He said thegroup work made him to learn from others’ strong points to offsetothers’ weakness. The high school, which he studied often, holdsextracurricular activities. He said extracurricular activities helphim to become a well- rounded student. So that is why seventy percentof the winners from the United States a year. There is no one longsto be treated as passive receptacles of predigested ideas. Andeducation is a cornerstone of the development of mankind. TheAmerican education policy can exert some positive impact on thedevelopment of a country.

Thepublic administrative structure of China is one of the many sectorsaffected by Chinese politics. Despite advances over the previousdecades to concentrate on public service, via the differentiation ofenterprises from state, several sectors of the public administrationrequires to be carefully considered (Grafsteinand Wen, 46).These sectors are the deep-rooted problems arising from undemocraticadministrative reform. The various defects apparent within thepolitical structure restrict the deepening of administrative reform.The Chinese political structure is large and intricate, involving anexecutive arm, legislative and judiciary. In addition, the interlinksbetween the party, media, civic organization and nongovernmentalsystems. The country’s administrative reform requires employing asystematic approach, and borrowing experience from nations likeAmerica. This is because China’s public administration structure isa section of the political system existing amid the political sphere,as well as economic organization (Grafsteinand Wen, 46).Thus, administrative changes are restricted by political reform. Thereform practices apparent in public administration demonstrate thatthey are linked to the government. Since the government is largelyundemocratic, it is unlikely that any changes within the publicadministration will favor the needs of civilians. On the contrary,when compared to the US, the public administration of America dependson civilians contributions on changes they need within theadministration.

Chinesegovernmental functions still require more clarification. Thegovernment appears to control almost all sectors even in those thatare supposed to allow the free will of civilians (Grafsteinand Wen, 47).The illustrations are the combination of government withadministration, business, state and different intermediate groups.Some regional governments, in specific, progress to interfere inmicro-economic issues, which makes government to pay insufficientconcentration towards public service. The outcome is that cooperationamid state and self-governing associations weakens. Hence,self-governing groups play a minimal role in the growth of publicsectors. These groups are highly monitored by the government, and arecompelled to work as mandated, as a result becoming anotherrepresentation of government in managing public affairs (Grafsteinand Wen, 47).Chinese administrative interference in self-governing groups, rolesdemonstrates a lack of apparent definition of its citizen’s rights.Hence, it becomes harder for NGOs to operate and instead they fightfor authority and fail to meet their accountabilities. In America,the command does not obstruct in the role of self-governing groups.There is a clear in role differences between what the government isexpected to do. This makes it possible for self-governingassociations to engage in public service roles that improve the livesof citizens.


Itis conceivable that American politics attach great importance tocarry on and promote national culture. In addition, the economicpolicy can eliminate poverty and boost economic growth. Finally,education policy can make students become well-rounded. After judgingfrom all evidence offered, we may reasonably come to the conclusionthat American politics carries more pros than cons and is therefore arational choice. Despite being termed as weak and inferior comparedto the United States political system, the Chinese system hasimmensely contributed to the rise of the country into its modernday’s state. Over the ten years, the Chinese nation has become oneof the economic hubs in the world, as well as contributing immenselyto the manufacturing industry. This magnificent rise in terms ofdevelopment has been attributed to the country’s political system.Despite the country being behind the American community in terms ofperformance and the achievement, the Chinese community has embracedevolution in terms of governance and in turn the massive developmentto its current state.


Thepolitical system, and policies of western nations and that of Asiancountries are quite different from each other. Moreover, it’s clearthat the political policies of a country, has an impact to acountry’s society. The difference between the American and theChinese has been known to contribute to the difference in the twocountries in terms of economic performance, education sector, as wellas in other sectors. From the difference highlighted in the paperwith reference to the American political system, the Chinesegovernment has had a massive impact to the society’s performance. The difference in the political systems is defined through thefunctionality of the systems as well as the power of people towardsdecision making. The American system id referred as the democraticsystem while the Chinese is referred as undemocratic system. The twocountries have diverse political aspects and systems, where each isequally contributing to the countries performance on theinternational front. Despite the United States system having an upperhand, over the Chinese system, both equally contributes to thedevelopment of their nations.


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