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Musicof Modern Israel

Musichas been and remains an integral element in most communities andcountries globally. Over the time, music has been used as a source ofentertainment, information, as well as being educative. Music ofIsrael has been contributed by the combination of both Jewish andnon-Jewish music tradition. From the biblical era, to the moderntimes, the music of Israel has gone through massive evolution. Musicin modern day Israel has a rich history going back to the timesbefore the founding of the state. This paper will examine the processand changes within Israel society, as well as how they are reflectedin the evolution of Army Band, and Israel Song Festival (Loeffler,390).

Evolutionof Israeli Society As Mirrored In the Musical Evolution of the AB andthe ISF

Theevolution of the Israel music has been slow in comparison to otherparts of the world. Through the AB and ISF, as provided, theevolution of the music is portrayed, over the time the two existed.The song AB was a hit in the 1971, and the lyrics were longing forthe end of wartime in the region. The songs were by army units andwere supposed to entertain them as well as raising their morale. Theperiod was marked by the radio stations supporting the production ofnew songs and commissioning new songs through song contests, whichhas been a major feature of music in Israel. The radio has built iscredited for building Israel and making it sing (Regevet al, 90).

Rationalebehind the partial success and a partial failure of the music

Withreference to the songs rationale, the songs can be termed as both asuccess and a failure. They are a success due to the fact that, thesongs were a key aspect or venue of creativity, promotionperformance. This led to the development of music in the country. Thefestival associated with the songs, the cultural context, as well asthe social aspect of the song was positively effectual to the people.However, the technology evolution rendered the festival null as themusic could be accessed in other forms such as through the televisionand hence rendering the traditional concept obsolete (Regevet al, 110).

Socio-politicalimpact on Israeli society of AB and ISF

Themusic in Israel has a massive impact of the countries as well as theregion’s socio-political aspect of the region. The music was seenas an element of early ‘Israeliness’. The songs have contributedto the transits from the ‘Hebrewism’ as well as the lehaqottzvayiot to the globalized Israel. The two (AB and ISF) had atremendous impact on the social, political aspect of the society. Thetwo has defined the position of the country politically as well asthe social status if the army and the community at large (Regevet al, 133).

Inconclusion, musical evolution has been inevitable in Israel. This hasbeen the case as the context as well as the music sets up hascontinued to adopt modernity in terms of preparations, andpresentation as well as the changing times within the society and thepolitical aspects. The modern Israel has seen massive change from thetraditional music approach. Technology advancement as well as theaspect of globalization has contributed to this.


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