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OrangeIs the New Black (Season One)

Abbreviatedas OITNB,‘OrangeIs the New Black’is an American movie series, which is categorized as crimecomedy-drama genre. The series was for the first time released onJuly 2013. The production of the movie series is based on the book byPiper Karman, “OrangeIs the New Black: My Year in Women’s Prison”. Currentlythe movie is comprised of 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes. In anutshell, the series is about a woman (Piper Chapman) who issentenced to 15 years into a women’s prison after found guilty ofhelping her former girlfriend (Alex Vause) smuggle drug money. Theseries portrays Piper’s life in prison, her struggles and herreunion with Alex. However, there are other main and recurringcharacters. This paper is a character analysis paper, with the chosencharacter being SamHealy,whose role is played by MichaelJ. Harney, whoplays a key/main role in the first series (IMDb,2015).

BiographicalDescription of the Character (SamHealy)

MichaelHarneyas SamHealyis one of the key characters in the series OrangeIs the New Black,is an American actor who has had his career in acting film, theaterand television series. Healy name in acting was recognized when heplayed as Det. Mike in the drama NYPDBlue.He has also played other roles in TV series such as in the Americanwestern as Steve fields, and in this case, he played the Sam Healy(prison counselor) in the TV series “orange is the new black’.Michael Harney was born in Bronx, New York. His early life was marredby being identified as a hell raiser. He had initially consideredjoining the priesthood, but later joined social work and civilrights. His acting life had an on and off starts before he opened hisown drama school. This is after his acting had taken a downturn. Hisacting revived again in 1993, through his role in NYPD Blue. Castingas SamHealy,he plays the role of a guard at the main setting of the series whichis a women’s correctional facility. Healy proves a key player inthe women’s prison setting, proving to be sympathetic figure to theprisoners.


SamHealy (MichaelHarney) is a portrayed as an educated (has a Master of Social Work)prison guard/supervisor of a women’s prison (LitchfieldPenitentiary). He acts as the prisoncounselor&nbsptoPiper (main actor) and other inmates. From the way he treats theinmates, especially the lesbians, Healy is opinionated againstlesbianism and lesbians. Additionally, he is seen to possess an oddpersonal vendetta against lesbians in the prison. This is wellportrayed at the time when he warns Piper at the beginning not to beinvolved with lesbianism. As the prison guard, he plays a key role inthe development of the series in its primary acting scene (IMDb,2015).

Concept1Deep Culture

Deepculture deep culture can be defined as the shared setting of thehuman mind that differentiated people from one culture group to theother. Additionally, it defines an individual’s ideas and beliefs.Culture contributes to how people relate to the outside world. Withreference to the character in question, Healy can be considered asculturally oriented as some of his opinions appear to be defined byhis cultural understanding as well as his way of upbringing. Oneof long stands is his view towards lesbianism. Despite being aware ofthe practice within the prison, he is against it, and does not wantto be associated with the acts. This is portrayed when he tries totell Piper to avoid the group. In another incident, he punishesPiper, for closely dancing with Alex. This was to punish her, forbeing in union with the lesbians, which is an act, that Sam is soagainst. He at one point tries to use Piper to change the prison andthe practices among the inmates, but this turns in futile.

Culturally,lesbianism is not accepted and this has contributed to his firmposition on the issue. His hatred towards the lesbians and the act isseen when he proposes to his superiors that all lesbian inmatesshould be sent into separate prison and be separated from theheterosexual inmates. The cultural defined by the acceptable way ofrelationship is heterosexual. With this as the culturally acceptedway, Sam finds it hard to accommodate the same sex relations in theprison and in turn, his firm position about the issue. At some times,he plays stern and stubborn, especially towards the lesbian orientedinmate. &quotLesbianscan be really dangerous! It`s about the testosterone.”At some point, he is heard saying &quotLesbianRequest Denied.&quotWhen addressing Piper. Additionally, he supports the prison culture,which is to change the inmates into better persons once their prisonterms are over. In the first scene ‘I wasn’t ready” from Seasonone, we see Healy, who is Piper’s supervisor sympathizing with her,giving her tips on how to survive in the prison, it’s at thispoint, he tells her to avoid the lesbian group, and in turn showinghis displeasure about lesbianism. In scene eight, of season one,Healy acts coldly towards Piper, after he realizes her history withthe other girls. He is termed deep, cultured as his judgement towardsthe issue, is based on what was culturally accepted (IMDb, 2015).

Concept2.Gender Stereotypes

Genderstereotype is referred as a generalization with reference to theroles that are played by the different genders in the societies. Thisis where an individual makes an assumption based on an individual’sgender. From the season one of the ‘OrangeIs the New Black’,gender stereotyping is depicted through different characters. Thereare both female and male stereotypes, which can be positive ornegative stereotypes. Healy is one of the characters are the seasonone that sees women as weaker human being compared to men, and inturn should be taken care of. Atthe first scene of the series, Healy sympathizes with Piper, as hesees her as a weaker sex, to an extent of giving her some tips, onhow to make it through the hard prison life, this can be seen aswomen being viewed as weak and passive. Additionally,he sees, as women should be good people always and not get into anytrouble. In connection to the previous concept, lesbians are seen aslesser women, and turn should be helped to become better in thesociety. SamHealey (Michael Harney) gets the portrayal of a typical guy-plot,struggling against disappointment and preconception to be a good man.The female prisoners on the TV series are treated differently. Theymay be ferocious and may be peculiar, but they are, for the betterpart of the series, presented as considerate, women in prison areoften taken as innocent victims, doomed by circumstances and theirown painful but touching character flaws (Tubeplus, 2015).In scene two, season one, Healy is manipulated by Red,into buying a new kitchen freezer. At the end of the series, he walksoff Piper, as he sees her as a bad character. He treats her badly dueto her connection, that women shouldn’t be acquitted of badbehaviors while on the other hand, men are treated as saviors, aswomen are expected to be well behaved, passive and submissive.

Inconclusion, the TV series orange is the new black has numerouschatters with different traits. The producer has expertly producedand excellent work forms the different aspects of the actors andactresses. One of such players who have contributed immensely towardsthe making of the series, and the entire season one is the Sam Healy(Michael Harney).


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