Organizational Management Paper


OrganizationalManagement Paper


AppleInc. has been regarded as one of the world’s most admired companiesover the past few decades. This is because of the sound internaloperational functions and the ability of the management to maintainhigher levels of performance and innovation. According to Daft &ampArmstrong (2009), the success of the organizational structure of afirm is the ability to formulate and sustain a firm’s businessprocesses. This section will describe the organizational structure ofApple Inc, with a view of determining whether it works for the firmor not.

TheOrganization Structure

AppleInc has a functional organizational structure with product linestructural differentiations. At Apple, each product is considered tobe a separate internal Apple business and is managed by a separatedepartment. At the top is Tim Cook, who is the Chief ExecutiveOfficer and is assisted by Paul Deneve as the Vice President (AppleInc, 2015). Their roles are, however, cut out such as Paul will beresponsible for “special projects” but will report to Tim.Despite the top management, overseeing entire Apple Inc, eachdepartment is autonomous in the production and marketing strategies.The top management is still the overall decision making and approvingbody of material business decisions.

Theprimary organizational structure after the CEO and the Assistant CEOare functional departments, who are in charge of overall functionalmanagement. According to Apple Inc (2015), these structures arecommunication department, international sales and domestic sales. Inaddition, the company has a legal department for legal management andretail department responsible for retail market management. Thecompany also has human resource management responsible for all theemployees and the finance department that is responsible forfinancing, accounting and auditing functions. Moreover, the companyhas the engineering departments the software engineering and thehardware engineering departments handle all the innovation andproduce development functions (Apple, 2015). These two departments donot include a separate internet software department, design andtechnology departments that each operating differently. Other maindepartments are the marketing department and the operationsmanagement.

Afterthe top company management is line managers. These managers areresponsible for each of the product departments. The departments havedifferent organizational setups due to the technicalities that eachproduct has. According to Daft and Armstrong (2009), thesedepartments are essential in the establishment of the whole companystructure due to their functional approach to their structures.However, many decisions that regard the management of each of thebrands are made by the vice president or the CEO. This means that theline managers are more of supervisors and creative managers thanbrand managers. In earlier times, Steve Jobs was responsible forbrand management, but currently, the vice president is playing therole.

Theorganization structure of Apple Inc works for the company. Thestructure of the company is operationally good enough to enable thecompany to have sound internal operations as well as innovation thatthe firm has achieved. According to Williams and Kinicki (2006), sucha structure works because of the differentiation of the management indifferent lines of administration based on the products. As a firmthat focuses on the brilliance of its products to beat thecompetition, more emphasis is required in managing each product. Thisability of the organization structure makes it the most appropriatefor a technological company that operates in a highly dynamiccompetitive environment. Therefore, there are no many things that canbe done to improve the organizational structure at Apple Inc.


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