Outbreak of Salmonella


Outbreakof Salmonella




Stakeholdersrefer to a person or group that has a concern with a particularorganization. They affect or are affected by the company`s actionsand policies. In the article NewportInfections Linked to Cucumbers, there are numerous key stakeholdersimpacted. They include the CDC, government, agriculture departments,local health agencies, laboratories and the department of food andDrug Administration (Berger,2014).They were responsible for identifying the source of contamination andthe food poisoned. These stakeholders conducted lab and trackbackinvestigations in an attempt to solve the problem.


Publichealth aims at preventing diseases and promoting the general physicalhealth through improved community efforts in promoting an enablingenvironment. It helps educate people as well as control infectionsthat may affect the community. There exist a relationship between apublic health moral norms and this article. The public healthconducted investigations in order to ascertain and address the issueaffecting the citizens in the United States (Berger,2014).It helped monitor the health status as well as diagnosing the healthhazards in the society. The public health investigations revealedthat the Eastern Shore in the Delmarva area was the source of theSalmonella outbreak. They finally developed plans and policies thathelped support community health efforts.


Thecurrent event is related to the term utility which is a value thatrepresents a person`s preference for a particular health condition.The current event measures heath utilities by valuing differenthealth states. The laboratory investigations used numerous methods togather evidence on utilities. Clusters were identified in differentstates (Berger,2014).In addition, different clinical isolates were done. The methods usedincluded disease specific preference measurers and generic preferencetools among others. These analyses showed similarity in clinicalisolates from each of the states.


Thepublic health topic discussed relates to the environmental policy.This is because the public health is shaped by the surroundingenvironment. Environmental policy aims at protecting and reducinghealth imbalance. It achieves this by addressing the disturbingenvironmental problems. In addition, the environmental and societypolicy departments comprise of active members who engage in serviceactivities, and research that assist in improving the state ofcommunity and environmental health (Berger,2014).Research concluded showed that the environmental conditions inDelmarva region favored Salmonella and hence proper measures shouldbe established to prevent future outbreaks.


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