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A good speech comprises of the appropriate speaker, message as wellas period, which are aspects notable in “Barack Obama’s speech at2004 DNC convention” (Bernstein1). In order for the people listening to a speech to listenand feel convinced, they need to feel that what is being said alignswith their viewpoints. In his speech, Barack Obama demonstrates agreat appreciation towards US heritage. This is apparent in thereferences to Lincoln, which has a great association to thelong-lasting US narrative arc. In addition is references to majorshared experiences of US civilians, as well as to values thatstrengthen America. The speech was able to communicate clearly thespeaker’s values, as well as past in a flattering manner, makinghim exceedingly electable. In addition, the speaker managed to employmany rhetorical devices.

Work Cited

Bernstein, David. The Speech.Politics and City Life,May 2007.

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