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HumanEnhancement Technology

Inthe modern world, there are numerous technologies that have emerged.Some of these technologies are aimed at making life easier whileothers are aimed at enhancing human appearance and abilities easier.It is important to note that human life follows the ‘survival forthe fittest’ rule where individuals who have an advantage over theothers physically, mentally or society will always prosper at theexpense others. Therefore, individuals have tried to advance theirabilities using different means. This led to the advent of humanenhancement technologies. Although at different levels oftechnological advancement, human enhancement has existence throughoutthe history of human societies. Nonetheless rapid development inscience and technology has led to the development of some contentionshuman enhancement technologies which have attracted social, religiousand diversity debates. According to Wikipedia, human enhancement canbe described as “any attempt to temporarily or permanently overcomethe current limitations of the human body through natural orartificial means”. Therefore, both natural and artificialmodification of the human body appearance or performance constituteshuman enhancement. There are numerous ethical issues that revolvearound human enhancement, especially human enhancement which involvemodern high-tech scientific procedures such as genetic modificationand life longevity technologies. Although peer essay connecting theethical issues associated with human enhancement technology withmoral, religion, social justice and diversity issues, not all theissues are discussed. This paper reviews the arguments for andagainst human enhancement technologies raised in the essay.

Technologiesdefine every aspect of human life in the modern society. However,every technology has its advantages as well as limitations. Thus,human enhancement technologies are double edged technologies with asmuch benefits as shortcomings. Because of the moral and ethicalissues associated with human enhancement technologies, some humantechnologies have brought about social and religious problems. On theother hand, some of these technologies make life easier andconvenient. It is important to balance between the benefits of thetechnology and their ethical and moral cost. If the social, moral,ethical or religious limitations of the human enhancement technologyoverweight the advantages, the technology can be considered a badtechnology. Otherwise, the technology is good for the human society.It is also important to note that some of the limitations or problemsassociated with some human enhancement technologies are as a resultof misuse of the technology. It is essential to differential betweenthe problem as a result of misused technology and problems due to abad technology before condemning a human enhancement technology.

Anexample of human enhancement technology that has receivedcondemnation and praise in equal measures has been super longevitytechnologies. These are technologies which make people healthier andlive longer. There are social and religious issues that have beenraised against this human enhancement technology. On the other hand,some people have argued that this technology is good for the humansociety. Some people have argued that the social systems in the worldare not equipped to support individuals who have unnatural powers tolive longer. Thus, the technology will have an impact on the scarcesocial and natural resources. It is also important to note that themodern society is struggling with social and economic stratification.While some people have an access to modern and high class health careservices, the majority have no access to basic health care. The superlongevity will reintroduce the issue of social injustice. This isbecause this technology is very expensive and will only be accessibleto a particular class in the society. This will enlarge the gapbetween the rich and the poor.

However,it is important to note that longevity technologies do not onlyinclude the high technologies such as cloning that have emerged inthe modern world. Other medical procedures can also be considered tobe longevity or human enhancement technologies. For example, humanbodies have natural self defense mechanism to fight infections.However, antibiotics such as penicillin have been used to enhancehuman life by fighting infections. Before the invention of penicillinand later other antibiotics, many people died of infections whichlook normal in the modern world such as flu. Some human enhancementtechnologies may have negative effects on the social balance in thehuman society. For example, technologies that enable parents tochoose between male and female child may have negative impacts onsocieties that have preference to particular sex. This will resultinto moral and ethical problems. For example, although men and womenare equal in the society, many societies have a higher preference ofmale children. Families will be tempted to use some of thesetechnologies to get their preferred child. Thus, there are manyadvantages of human enhancement technologies. However, there are somenegative impacts of these technologies, which can not be ignored.This is especially if the technologies are prone to misuse. Forexample, penicillin is a good enhancement technology, but it misused,it results into resistance strains of diseases causingmicroorganisms. The peer essay gives a correct analysis of the moral,religion, social justice and diversityissues associated with human enhancement technologies.


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