Personal Appearance

Personal Appearance

Although it is sometimesdisregarded as a means of communication, personal appearance is veryessential. Whether one is speaking on his behalf or representing, agroup of people or a corporate organization, the other person or theaudience sees the individual. Even before someone opens his or hermouth, some people within the audience will have developed someassumptions, consciously or unconsciously about the individualdepending on the personal appearance. The personal appearanceinfluences the first impression, which is considered to be veryessential. There are many ways through which people try to altertheir personal appearance to look intelligent, smarter, friendly,wealthy or professional. One of the ways through which people canalter their personal appearance is through facial expressions.Individuals are able to organize themselves and put an expression ontheir face that depicts professionalism, calmness, confidence andfriendliness (Subrahmanyam, 2008). An individual can also modify hisor her personal appearance through grooming and clothing. Forexample, if an individual want to look official and professional,smart official attire will suit the desired appearance. Anindividual can also use expensive clothing and grooming to portrayhimself as a wealthy person. Most importantly, the body language andcommunication skills are one of the most important ways through whichan individual can alter his personality. The way an individual sit,stand, walk, gestures as well as mannerism define the person. Forexample, the person can alter his or her facial expressions andgrooming, but the body language betrays him or her. Body language isessential because it can be used to mask other weakness. For example,nodding confidently when you did not understand anything or clappingwith enthusiasm for a boring speaker. Although it may behypocritical, it gives an individual the desired appearance(Subrahmanyam, 2008).


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