Personal Ethics Statement

PersonalEthics Statement

Oneof my duties as a healthcare administrator involves diagnosingpatients suffering from diverse illnesses, referring to themappropriate medical experts and sharing the seriousness of theirmedical conditions. My ethics dictates that I should keep my clients’information confidential. On many occasions, columnists and gossipmedia administrators have approached me with monetary offers inexchange for medical information about celebrities that I treat in myclinic. I always decline because healthcare professionals’ codes ofethics oblige therapists to keep their clients’ personalinformation confidential. However, I also inform clients when it isnecessary to share their information with other healthcareprofessionals in case they are suffering from a contagious diseasethat could be a threat to a society. For instance, I would feelobliged to share health information with relevant health officials ifI discover a patient is suffering from cholera or Ebola. If a patientdeclines that I should not share his or her personal information withrelevant authorities even after explaining the significance of theaction, I would defy his or her request because healthcareadministrators’ code of ethics permit my action (Stanford et al.,2014).

Ibelieve in sincerity and truthfulness in my job. I never lie topatients that they are suffering from deadly diseases so that I canovercharge or sell to them costly and unnecessary drugs. Instead, Iensure to explain to patients about the health problems affectingthem, and then advise them on appropriate steps they should take(Stanford et al., 2014).

Ialso believe in first-class ethical standards. I refrain fromduo-relationships with my patients. On many occasions, I refer myclose relatives and friends to avoid getting entangled in suchrelationships since they may compromise ethics (Stanford et al.,2014). In addition, I avoid developing intimate relationships withcustomers because it is against my personal and healthcare standards’ethics.


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