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Thechoice of the career in psychology was inspired by the experience ofunethical behavior I had in my earlier years. While working as anintern at a local company store, I witnessed my colleagues defraudthe company of its money and use cover up their trail. Thisexperience taught me important lessons on ethics and personal choiceswhen interacting with people. The impact of this experience issignificant since my career involves constant interaction withpeople.

Aftermy high school education, I applied for an intern job as an assistantat the local store owned by a local company. My job was a generalassistant role that required me to keep the office in order, arrangethe files, prepare documents for suppliers, customers and help in thefinancial calculations every day. The store had customer attendantswho interacted directly with the customers, delivery team, cashiersand the accountant who supervised all the financial transactions. Inthe evening, we were all supposed to reconcile the financial recordsfor the day, and I would keep the files. I have always believed inhonesty at work and that was one of the characters that my bossliked.

However,I noticed that the accountant was collaborating with one of thecustomer attendants to record low sales for the day and pocket themoney that is in excess. I realized when I assisted the attendant tocount the collections for the day, but realized the same amount waslower in the books. I asked the attendant, but he referred me to theaccountant. I did not question the accountant because I was just anintern and was not supposed to. However, he approached me andexplained the whole scenario in a bid to prevent me from asking thegeneral manager. As a way of blinding me, he took me for lunch andoffered me to join them in the plan, so that I don’t report theissue.

Thenext few days were tough for me, as I got thinking about whether tojoin them and have a happy stay with the two, or reject the offer andcreate a sense of constant suspicion. With the high level of honestythat I have been brought up with at home, I decided not to join themin defrauding the company. However, this decision led me to anotherdilemma. The dilemma was whether to report the case or to stay silentabout it. In life, every person has a breaking ping in regard toethical dilemmas, and this experience proved to be a test for me.Ethically, I should have reported the matter to the general manager,but I failed the test by not reporting.

Iwould like to let the university know that this experience is just anexample of my character of honesty. I will be honest and uphold moralstandards that the university requires students to have. I will spendmy time at the university of Pittsburgh as a model of good morals andethical behavior an example to other people.

Atthe university, I will stand for ethics and moral behavior. Iunderstand that ethics and adherence to the human moral behavior is ahabit that people should embrace and appreciate. My conduct at theuniversity will reflect that ethics guide our behavior and direct ourinteraction with people and the environment. The experience was aneye opener towards the direction that my career was to take,especially in social sciences. The experience taught me theimportance of ethics in life and why we should be guided by ethicaljudgments that should shape behavior.

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