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is an active process aimed at discovering the most basiclife questions. It is active because it engages the mind intothinking and getting solutions to problems. is aself-motivated procedure, which makes the subject interesting,because the thinker is able to come up with their personal answers toissues. This means that unlike in other disciplines where peopledepend on the answers of other published and researched work,philosophers perceive issues using their individual outlook to createunique solutions to problems. aims at answering the natureof reality, what a person is, our freedom, what we know and how, thepresence of God and the purpose of life.

Previous Knowledge

The author’s position adds to the comprehension of philosophy. Thearticle begins by introducing how philosophy differs from othersubjects. It is not simply possible to define the term because it isan active procedure. The information is greatly informative and addsto the understanding of how philosophers work. It is also importantto note that philosophy helps in answering questions, which have nocorrect or incorrect answers. The reading informs on how to findanswers to questions, that lack established responses. It is apparentthat philosophers ask different questions. However, the questionsderive from thinking about the basic factors of life, as well astheir conceptual nature. The similarity derives from the fact thatmost questions are answered via empirical analysis. For instance, theauthor presents question like asking someone if it is raining. Such aquestion requires the individual responding to conduct an empiricalanalysis, by observing for any signs of rain prior to responding.Philosophical issues entail conceptual issues. The questions askednarrow down to fundamental concepts, which is a defining aspect ofany philosophical question. Reality, knowhow, correct, incorrect,fairness and the like are all the concepts. The reading adds to theunderstanding of challenge apparent in philosophical investigations.The challenge derives from analyzing the notions at issue and usingthe outcomes to conditions, which involve the ideas.

Topic Comprehension

The author is correct in arguing that philosophy is a natural processof thinking concerning life’s fundamental questions. This isbecause most of the questions are responded to via conceptualanalysis, which is a natural procedure. Another aspect introduced inthe article is on how philosophy assists in the development ofinsight to life’s major puzzles, as well as into fashioningindividual vision concerning life. Life challenges thinking, whichhappens as people make decisions on what profession to pursue, howmany children to have or when to have children? The reading iscorrect in arguing that philosophy is a relevant aspect in improvinglife. It is through philosophy that we are able to question ouractions and act in the most appropriate manners. It is howeverdifficult to understand the parts of philosophy. These aremetaphysics, ethics, epistemology and political philosophy. Thedifficulty arises from the fact that the parts of philosophy tend todeviate from the already established understanding of philosophy as anatural process of thinking.

Questions on Reading

  1. What are the main divisions of philosophy and how do they apply to the study of philosophy?

  2. Why is the study of philosophy valuable in life?

  3. What is the difference in solving a philosophical question and an empirical question?

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