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Phrase Selected: onlineactivism Article:RussianActivists Turn To Social Media January 13, 2012Author: Jackie Northam Oneof the most phenomenon developments in the world has been computerbased technologies, especially the internet and its application. Thearticle by Northam (2012) looks at the advent of the internetactivism in Russia over the years. Antigovernment activism in themodern Russia is driven by the social media. Activists have been ableto share internet videos that have been used to disparage some of thegovernment projects and actions that are against the interest of thegeneral public. One of the most successive online activism has beenagainst the irregular election of Putin in the last general election.The article notes that with over fifty million Russians having anaccess to the internet, the social media and the internet is one ofthe most important tools of expressing frustrations of the public asa result of a rotten political system, fraud and corruption ingovernment. For example, the social media was used to mobilize asmany as one hundred protestors in Moscow in December 2011. Onlineactivists such as Alexey Kozlov have also been able to raise moneyonline to fund antigovernment protests. The “organizers are alsousing the internet to get input from citizens on who should speak atthe rallies”. This suggests that the internet will play animportant role in activism in the modern world. However, politicalleaders believe that the online activism does not deserve thepublicity it has received. For example, president Putin said that“the Internet doesn`t deserve any real attention, and it`s theplace where pornography dominates” (Northam, 1).Work citedNortham,Jackie. RussianActivists Turn To Social Media, January13, 2012,webFebruary 4, 2015,

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Fracking is an argot term for hydraulic fracturing of oil or gas(Wilber 12). It is the procedure of drilling into fractures in rocksand injecting fluids to force the crack to open further, for thepurposes of drilling oil and gas. This process is carried outvertically. Leading drilling companies have used this method acrossthe world. Fracking is popular amongst some of the largest Europeaneconomies, such as England, and the United States of America.

Fracking has greatly revolutionized the energy industry, however, inthe process, prompted major environmental concerns thus, greatcriticism from environmentalists. The first concern is the amounts ofwater that need to be transported to the fracking site. This hassignificant environmental impacts. The second concern is thechemicals that are used in the process, which have been found tocontaminate groundwater around the fracking sites. This oil and gasmining process has been likened to global warming. This is the reasonwhy anti-fracking activism has taken shape swiftly in the recentpast.

Internationally, there has been an emergence of anti-frackingmovements with concerns that Russia is a main sponsor ofanti-fracking movements (Higgins 3). The major concern ofanti-fracking activists in Russia is that fracking distracts firmsand governments from investing in renewable sources of energy, suchas wind and tidal energy. There have been speculations frommainstream media houses that Russia is behind the anti-frackingcampaign (Higgins 6). However, there has been no definitive proof inquantifying the claims. What is known is that the country has one ofthe most active environmental activists in Europe, and such a majorenvironmental concern cannot go unnoticed.

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