RobertHayden’s poem, “Those Winter Sundays&quot, is a nostalgicreflection. The author remembers the way his father could wake upearly every day, including his off days such as Sundays when he wassupposed t take some rest. However, that author remarks on the lastline, “No one ever thanked him.” In my view, the author isremorseful that he did not thank his father for the sacrifice he madeto ensure that his family lived a comfortable life. The poemdescribes a picture of a poor person struggling to feed fend for hisfamily since the speaker claims that his hands were cracked as aresult of the hard work he did throughout the week. He would thenwake the speaker after he had ensured the house was warm, and he hadpolished his shoes. However, the speaker would speak to himindifferently as he did not realize the sacrifice his father used tomake. In my view, the speaker is presently in a situation where he issupposed to make a lot of sacrifices t provide for his family.However, he has realized that his family loved ones are notappreciating the sacrifice he is making to satisfy their needs. Theexperience reminds him of his childhood when he also could notappreciate his father’s sacrifice to satisfy them.

Onthe other hand, Robert Frost’s poem, “Stopping by Woods on aSnowy Evening”, the speaker admires the woods he comes across. Thespeaker wonders what the owner of the woods could think if he foundstaring at his property. However, his horse disrupts his thoughts,and then he discovers that he has a mission to accomplish. In myopinion, the speaker has a good memory about the woods, and that isthe reason he stops to admire them. It appears as if the woods remindhim of his childhood. However, he feels bad that he can no longerenjoy his childhood freedom in the woods because he has someresponsibilities to fulfill.

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