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Policyin Health: News Event

Policyin Health: News Event

Theevent under review is the outbreak of a Neurologic illness that isunexplained since 1995 in Muzaffarpur, India. The outbreak of themysterious illness is an acute neurologic disease that affectschildren with a high level of fatality, (Shrivastava et al, 2015).The source of this news event is the Weekly Report by Morbidity andMortality Weekly published by the CDC. The stakeholders impacted bythis news event are the Indians population who are affected by theillness, the Indian government and the CDC as it researches ondifferent diseases.

Thisnews event relates to the Public Moral Norms as there is apossibility of the cause being a public health issue. There is aperceived relationship between the disease and the litchi fruit, asmost outbreaks are reported in the litchi producing regions.According to Shrivastava (2015), the disease is highly prevalentduring the harvest of the fruit at around June. Therefore, there isconcern that the public should adopt better practices that can reducethe rate of infection and slow the breakout.

Theterms of this event relates to the respect for legitimate publicinstitutions. The main institutions of concern in this case are theAmerican CDC and the Indian National Centre for Disease Control(NCDC). The role of these two institutions is research on themysterious disease and examination of possible causes and cures.While this is a long-term task, the success of such efforts ispriceless in terms in the process of comprehending and curbing thedisease. Therefore, the institutions should be respected and givenliberty to proceed with such efforts.

Thispublic health topic directly relates to the element of surveillance.To understand this mysterious disease, the concerned institutionssuch as NCDC and the CDC should consistently carry healthsurveillance. The surveillance of the illness would be regularresearch on every outbreak so as to understand the trends of thedisease every year. Already, the NCDC and the CDC have been carryingsurveillance on the disease since 2013 and explored its relation withthe environment. Therefore, the progress of the efforts to solve theissue may relate to certain environmental policies relating theLitchi fruit. As a result, the efforts of the stakeholders are torecommend clinical and public health recommendations for the solutionon the Muzaffarpur mystery.


Shrivastava,A., et al, (2015). Outbreaks of Unexplained NeurologicIllness—Muzaffarpur, India, 2013–2014. Centrefor Disease Control, CDC Morbidityand Mortality Weekly Report. WeeklyVol. 64 / No. 3

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