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TheDemocratic Party motto claims that Americans can develop the countrybetter when they are united as opposed to when disunity prevails.Besides, it advocates justice, personal responsibility and obedienceof the regulations for everyone. The party promotes unity andobedience of the rules in order to sustain America on the developmentstrategy. In my view, Democrat’s should improve their campaignstrategy through giving people tangible reasons in order to motivatethem into developing the country (Public Broadcasting Service, 2013).For example, they should conduct civic education to inform the publicregarding their objectives.

Onthe other hand, the Republican Party advocates a freer America thatwould enable every citizen to enjoy the American dream. The party isthe voice for all the conservatives in America. The party leadersbelieve in serving Americans instead of their personal interests. Infact, the party has diverse social programs intended to helpAmericans overcome poverty. The party advocates upholding, valuingand honoring the American constitution that teaches Americans onefficient ways for achieving the American dream (Public BroadcastingService, 2013). In my opinion, the Republicans have the strongestvision to convince voters to follow them because they promise to usethe traditional community ethics engraved in the Americanconstituent.

Lastly,The Libertarian Party advocates, that Americans can only overcometheir current problems, is through remaining devoted to freedom, astand that has earned the United States international repute. Theparty supports abundant prosperity and a free-market economy. Thecitizens should have the highest personal freedom and civil libertiesthat distinguishes the United States from other nations. Finally, theparty recommends upholding the America’s founders philosophy offree trade, peace and non-intervention policies. On the other hand,LP would not be a famous station party because it would restrict theUSA’s ability to remain the superpower. US has a responsibility ofmaintaining sanity throughout the world through politicalinterventions (Public Broadcasting Service, 2013).

Insummary, I believe Republican have the best chance of winning theheart of the America’s voters. It encourages politicians to keepthe needs of citizens before theirs in order to assist them achievethe American dream. Their principles and ethics are strictly governedby the constitution and strong devotion to serving every American.


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