Processof Effective Housekeeping in a Hotel Business

Housekeepingin a hotel business is a process of ensuring that hotel rooms meethigh hygiene standards. In a hotel business, they offer accommodationservices among other services but clients spend much of their time inrooms than in any other place in that hotel[ CITATION Rag09 l 1033 ].For that matter,cleanness of that place determines a lot whether the customers aresatisfied to enable them come in that hotel next time. Housekeepingdepartment is the backbone of any hotel business. The effectivenessof this department determines the reputation clients will havetowards that hotel. Hence, this assignment discuses the process ofhousekeeping in a hotel business, process flow, checks and balancesand the selling points to make customers fully satisfied.

Processof House Keeping


Beforestarting any cleaning in the hotel, ensure that, there is a workplan. The work plan acts as a guideline on what should be done, howand when. In a hotel at any given time, there is an occupied room andalready evacuated. Have a plan on how to do the laundry and by howmany people. Lastly, plan, on how to conduct the actual cleaning ofthe rooms.

Cleaningprocess of occupied and newly vacated rooms

Thecleaning of occupied rooms starts after the customers have left therooms. One should not ambush the customers to clean the room. Toavoid the ambush, always ensure that the customers are aware of thetime to leave the rooms for cleaning. Leave the customer belongingsuntouched. Remove all the used things like beddings and towels andplace clean ones. Ensure to avail all the necessities that the clientwill be using. Ensure also the sockets and remotes are working. Allevacuated rooms calls for immediate cleaning, and replacement withclean beddings, and all other necessities. Non-occupied rooms thattake more than a day without occupation need some final touchesbefore a client checks in.


Laundryinvolves cleaning of the beddings, table clothes, towels and otherhotel lines in a hotel. It also involves drying them, ironing, andfolding the beddings and other clothing used in a hotel. Differenttypes of hotel business have different ways of doing their laundry.The big hotels can have laundry machine which calls for more thanthree people for effectiveness. However, small business may be doingit manual but what matters is the result. The result calls forneatness and appeal that will attract the eyes of the customers.Sometimes laundry is tedious and requires the staff to provide betterenvironment for laundry people like fours that do not slipper and thedesigns that do not encourage fatigueless.

Processof actual cleaning of the rooms

Startby removing cobwebs around the room, dust all the windows and doors.Ensure thorough dusting of wardrobes as well. Disinfect the flours,bathrooms and the beds to ensure that there are no bedbugs. Presenceof bedbugs can ruin the reputation and image of a given hotel henceruining the business[ CITATION Rag09 l 1033 ].Make surethat to clean every part of the room as other customers may checkwhether under beds are clean just out of curiosity. After the actualcleaning, freshen them and then spread them. The same procedure mustbe conducted in each room in a hotel whether newly vacated oroccupied.


Underprocess flow, we look the coordination of work in this department toensure that customers are fully satisfied. Right from the top thereis need for right delegation of who should do what. For instance,there is need to design who is to do the laundry and who is to doactual cleaning. For efficiency purpose this process is essential asit make individual aware of their roles in the hotel.

Checksand balances

Thisis the money kept aside purposely to ensure smooth running ofhousekeeping department. Housekeeping calls for purchasing ofdetergents and toiletries. At least 25% of the revenue collected inhotel business is for housekeeping[ CITATION Rag09 l 1033 ].To make the rooms appealing there is a lot of purchasing ofdetergents and other requirements to make the cleaning processrun smooth. Old beddings need replacement and rooms maintained. Thesebalances cater for room repair, decorations of rooms, and any othernecessary maintenance in the accommodation sector.


Theselling point in housekeeping is the full satisfaction of customers.When a customer check in the initial impression you give your clientsmatters a lot. The first impression is on the reception. Hotelbusiness needs to have presentable reception and receptionist whoknow how to handle the customers. From the reception, ensure to givea customer a room of choice. This is normally achieved by allowingthe customer to have a look on the sample room of same features.Also, have different room for different customers by this I meanfamily rooms, rooms for individuals. Then the key selling point isthe standards of hygiene in that hotel. If the rooms maintain highlevels of cleanness and meet preferences of different clients then beassured of customer satisfaction.


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