Proposal on a New Website Design

Proposalon a New Website Design

AWebsite offers an excellent platform for enhancing efficientcommunication between a business and its customers, employees andother stakeholders. A good site is a virtual avenue to customers.Many shrewd business owners may attest to this fact. With a partiallyfunctional and less trafficked site, a company may find it everharder to attract leads and new users. This paper will highlight abrief overview of the proposed website that includes access to e-mailand work files for the employees as well as a user-friendly interfacefor all the users. The design will go hand in hand with the proposedchanges in the company`s technology improvement guidelines.

Fora website to be useful and highly efficient, it should contain thefollowing elements:

  1. Appearance

Thewebsite`s appearance should be appealing, professional and polished.The content should profoundly reflect the company`s profile. Theprimary aim of the site will be to attract and maintain new users inaddition to enabling the company`s employees to access their workemails and official files quickly. The following features should bevisible in the site:

  1. The color used should be a reflection the business official color scheme. This will familiarize the visiting users to the organization.

  2. The text should be highly legible for easy reading

  3. Quality photography: the quality of the images used should be of a high standard adhering to the current formats.

  4. Content: should be original and highly relevant to the user search.

  1. Functionality

Eachcomponent of the website should work fast and accurately. The websitebuilding process should adhere to the best practices of an efficientwebsite. Every component of it should work correctly and in realtime. Utmost importance would be the user experience.

Emailand File viewing or Sharing

Thewebsite should be able to allow employees to access their emails andother company files easily while in the office or at their remotelocations. In particular, this is highly relevant to the salesrepresentatives who are mostly out of office and may need to accessimportant company customer files in their various distant locations.For this purpose, the company is encouraged to use Neoteris`InstantVirtual Extranet (IVE)stand-alone appliance providing secure remote access with granularaccess control and is a snap to setup. According to reviews, this isa highly efficient and reliable method of delivering file retrievalwithout exposing the security of the company network. IVE also actsas a proxy. It enables users to connect to the appliance using SecureSockets Layer(SSL) through regular web browsers. The client side does not requireany software. Furthermore:

TheIVE translates information dynamically using the contentIntermediation Engine. Through the platform, users (employees) canaccess corporate intranet sites, Web applications, Windows, NetworkFile System(NFS)file shares, and email accounts using standards like InternetMessaging Access Protocol (IMAP)and POP3 (Cameron &amp Wyler 320).

IVEhas two flavors, Partner Access, and Employee Access. The outstandingdissimilarity between the two is that the former provides granularaccess control management, including the availability of resourcelevel access control,source IP restrictions and use of groups. These essential securitycomponents help in securing the website from unknown intrusion. Inaddition, Administrators sets up user accounts that access permissionfrom IVE to gain access (Cameron &amp Wyler 320).

Tabletand Smartphone Compatibility

Forthe website to display on Smartphone, the site website developershould use the JQueryMobileweb framework (JavaScriptlibrary).The structure enables compatibility with a variety of tabletscomputers and Smartphone. The importance of targeting these platformsis due to their rapid market growth. Statistics reveal that, today,most website traffic worldwide come from users of these devices. Inaddition, theJQuery Mobileplatform is also compatible with most mobile app frameworks such asWorklight,PhoneGapamong others.

Inconclusion, the company website should be able to represent thevirtual aspect of the company online. It should share in the samespirit of the enterprise. First, it should strive to contain relevantinformation. Secondly, it should be user-friendly in that its usersshould not find it cumbersome to obtain essential information. Moreemphasis should be placed on the security of the site. The ability topreserve the originality of the website`s content is vital since anyunofficial change of information may have serious repercussions onthe business.


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