Psychological Tests in Family Therapy


PsychologicalTests in Family Therapy

PsychologicalTests in Family Therapy

Psychologicaltests are vital in sampling behaviors that determine an individual’sattributes that psychologists use to predict an outcome. They areadministered under standard conditions that are relevant to theproblem of the client who seeks counseling and therapy. They followparticular scoring rules that all psychologists can use to measure anattribute, interpret it accordingly, and make the appropriateprediction. For counselors and family therapists, the following testsare vital: The Marital Distress Scale (MDS) tests, Objective tests,such as the MMP-2 and MMPI-2, and the MCMI-III, and projective tests(Cohen, Swerdlik &amp Sturman, 2013).

TheMarital Distress Scale (MDS) is relevant for couples or those in aclose relationship. It has the advantage of focusing on measuringdistress or discord in close relationships, rather than measuringfamily problems more generally. It is more usefulness with couplesbecause it discriminates against maladjustment in marriage throughscores based on at T-score (Melchert, 2011). The T-score shows thepsychopathological significance of client outcomes on the distressscale. The MDS is instrumental in determining the kind of therapy toadminister for troubled couples.

Objectivetests- The most common tests relevant for counseling and marriagetherapy are the MMPI-2, which uses dozens of questions to determine aparticular personality trait. The identified becomes the basis oftherapy by the counselor family therapist.

Projectivetests- The RorschachInkblot Testis a popular projective test that identifies recurring themes in thelife of the person seeking therapy. Inner conflicts are the basis ofthese recurring themes hence, the counselor or therapists canadminister the right corrective measure (Nurse, 2009).

Counselorsand family therapists use tests that target behavioral andpersonality traits. Thus, the above tests are relevant for thiscourse of action.


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