Question 1


The intent is to guarantee the “new energy drink” has anattractive packaging and appeals to target consumers. The productmust have the benefits expected by customers, which is mainly theenergy function of the drink. The product will be placed in malls andsupermarkets where customers have easy access to the drink. Targetcustomers need an affordable drink. Hence, the price is lower thanthat of competing energy drinks. Promotion will be via advertising,exhibition and direct sales because it is a new product in the market(Leader et al, 1990).

Question 2

Outsourcing enhances quality by ensuring that a company hires theservices of persons more competent to execute a task (Greaver,2001). For instance, when producing a new product outsourcingfrom existing producers competent in manufacturing the productguarantees that it meets expectations. Because of dependence onoutsourcing, if a company decides to take over production, thedisadvantage is that a business might be incapable to meet likequality standards as when outsourcing (Greaver, 2001). Quality shouldbe a priority because it still matters to consumers.

Question 3

Data refers to raw facts, while information is knowledge, which hasapplied and processed specific data rendering it important. Datasupplied on the college application involves age, names and gradesattained before. Information created by the admission departmentinvolves if the grades attained meet the academic qualifications foradmission in the college.

Question 4

In the first scenario, the case falls under civil law, as a privateparty becomes the plaintiff through filing a lawsuit. It is possibleto sue the company since one of the employees has hurt a tenant. Inthe second scenario, the accident is intentional and the employee maybe sued for intentionally hurting the tenant.


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