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Anti-Seligeris an event that brings together both civil and environmentalactivist that took place in Khimki, near Moscow. The four-day civilforum was organized between 17thto20thJune 2011. The Anti-Selinger, forum was staged in response to theannual summer gathering of the pro-Putin movement of Nashi near LakeSeliger. The “Anti” in the slogan Anti-seliger is an objection tothe country’s approach to Russian politics. Against popularbeliefs, Anti-Seliger is not an event that supports coherent agenda.However, it is a place where young Russians can showcase theirgrievance and disconnect with the country’s political climate. Theforum brought together a mix of people, from opposition leaders,environmentalist and the human rights activist to artist, journalist,Nashi activist and bloggers. Despite the dissimilarities witnessedamong the different groups, the people managed to co-relatepeacefully. In the four-day camp, over 2000 people visited the camp,with the aim of exchanging opinions and enjoying the flora and fauna.Political topics were unavoidable throughout the discussions.

Nevertheless,the event has attracted numerous arguments citing the forums asillegal and needed to be dispersed. However, the event was notsanctioned by the relevant authorities. The event was created inopposition to Seliger camp – an event that is organized andsupported by Kremlin’s Nashi movement and Federal Youth Agency. Itis with no doubt that the forest near the capital was selected as theproffered location for the movement. It is, however, unclear whatwould replace Putinism and United Russia, but more youngster opt tothe try something new.

Fromthe quote, “Our Country is being colonized by Western Business”,it reflects that western business increasingly colonizes the countryshowcased by the angered activists and their displeasure with itspresent political structures (Nikitin p.1 ). In the light of sucharguments, it reveals that Russia’s president condones policiesthat are in favor of foreign projects. This is witnessed by thesupport of a highway construction that will potentially affect theforest and environment as a whole. Anti Selger’s approach tocreating a tolerant and respectful model of how robust the civilsociety operates offers a proffered platform. Tentatively, theactivists mock the government’s disconnection with the people thatit serves to protect and acts in favor of the westerners (Davydova,p.2). For some time now, activists and environmentalist have been inconstant battle regarding the planned construction of Moscow’shighway endangering Khimki forest.


  1. Although the aspect of wiretapping dates back in the American history, the public has linked wiretapping to the present issues of terrorists, just to name a few. Telephone tapping is an issue that needs to be addressed hence proffered analysis should be presented in the public opinion regarding its use. Such information will be essential in formulating an effective legal approach to reducing crime rates in the various states.

  2. Additional information needs to be presented regarding the possible advantages of using telephone tapping.

  3. The government plays a mediating role in the creation of legislative laws and its citizens, hence what approach should be used in developing policies that are linked to telephone tapping?

  4. Human rights activist pose questions relating to the significance of securing personal information. In the light of such arguments, what approach should be used to safeguard the individual’s vital information? Protection of vital details is an imperative aspect of safeguarding an individual’s security.


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