Consequencesof the Government`s removal Policy for later generations ofIndigenous Australians

Theconsequences of the government’s removal policy for latergenerations of Indigenous Australians are many and affect the entirefacets of their lives. Some of them include loss of cultural identityand self esteem. Others are subjected to long-term loneliness,substance abuse and feeling worthlessness. The generations alsosuffer from psychological and social effect of being alienated fromtheir loved ones. As a result of the separation, most of them fail torecognize their families, subjecting them to a life encircled bystrangers and ghosts. Although some of them start a lifetime searchfor their people and identity, they never achieve it and they end upbecoming tormented.

Waysin Which Governments Could Further Reconciliation

Inmy opinion, making apology to the aboriginals was not enough. Thegovernment should consider other ways to further reconciliation. Theyinclude cash compensation. Considering that the children were denieda normal nurturing, giving the some reparation can strengthen theapology and relieve pain. It should also taking part in bringing theaboriginals back home. The government should help them locate theirfamilies and fund fro their meeting. It should also offer counselingconsidering that some of the people have become psychologicallytormented and turned to drugs use.

HowChanging Economic and Employment Conditions Impact on the Life Course

Themodification in economic and employment conditions has great impactson the life course. Economic downturn for instance results in reducedemployment opportunities. This subjects individuals to joblessness,low disposable income, and poverty in general. Basic needs such asfood and schooling for children become difficult to obtain, while theold lack appropriate care due to lack of finances.

IsSex and the City a Refutation of Feminism, or a New Articulation anddoes its Vision of Post-Feminism indicate the Death of Feminism orits Continuance in a New Era?

Sexand the City canbe said to be a new expression of feminism. It is a media discoursethat represents the evolvement and development of new feminism. Itrepresents a form of post-feminism that indicates a continuation of anew era. Post-feminism as featured in the Sexand the City showsindependence, consumer culture, empowerment, sexual pleasure, andindividual choice. All these aspects are deemed vital for thecontemporary feminism. It is a novel approach of understanding themodified association between femininity and feminism.

Whatis Contemporary Feminism and what’s yet to be achieved?

Inmy opinion, contemporary feminism has turned out to be a complex andpersonal quest defined and experienced differently by women.Currently, contemporary feminism signifies campaigning forintersectionality. It means that fighting for the rights of womeninvolves fighting for racism, equality and other social issues. Thishas pooled many people together who are giving support and fightingfor relevant legislation. It can also be said that contemporaryfeminism is unjust to men. Various arguments made by feminists suchas women are powerful, smart, and strong similar to men are had toaccept. Certainly, women have not reached their entire potential inmost areas. This requires to be attained for their claims to come topass.

Rolesof Friendship at Different Points in the Life Course

Friendshipis the greatest teacher of many things in an individual’s lifespan.While people make friendship during childhood, adulthood and old age,such networks happen to reduce over a person’s life course. Duringchildhood, friendship plays a major role in helping the children growsocially, psychologically, and even physically. At this stage,children get player partners, who also help in cultivating virtues.During adulthood, friendship provides companionship, refuge, aid,comfort, confidants, besides, cultivating virtues. During old age,friendship plays a major role in comforting, assistance, care andgiving companionship.

WhetherFriendships are More or Less Important Today than in Previous Times

Friendshipis as important today as it was during the previous times. The roleof friendship in a person’s life cannot be replaced. Although thecurrent time is characterized by technological development which hasreduced the time spent with friends, people still make friendsthrough the social media. In fact, people make more friends todaythan they used to during the previous time. However, the role offriendship remains the same, it cannot be replaced, and it is equallyimportant at all times.

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