Red Dad, Blue Son Summary

RedDad, Blue Son Summary

Duringthe last night of our family get-together, my old father and I wereon a South Carolina beach. We had always argued due to ourdifferences. First he discussed politics to create bonding and inhigh school when I rejected his recommendation to join a militaryacademy and to declare as a non-conformist. It extended to phonecalls about political issues and gay marriages that I evaded inconsideration of my close gay friends. In 2004, I resolved to authora book on our differences and painted him as a bigot and an ignorantredneck while I told him I was writing him homage.

Uponfinding a copy of the books proposal on my sister’s computer, hegot angry and went silent for a while. Out of anger, he spoke with ashaky voice. My remorse created a desire to change our relations, buthe challenged my biases by exonerating me for the writings on theproposal. I sided with him by disposing of our differences.

Wesucceeded in disposing of our differences and built our union byidentifying new and different subjects that did not cause argumentslike real estate values or the prices of the heating fuels.


Effectof Technology on The Way we Learn

Technologyhas elevated the mode of learning to a new height where people learnby doing contrary to reading (Turkle 11). As a student, technologyadvanced my way of learning from the conventional learn from readinginto a new process where students learn by doing and practicing. InCampus, the method of assessment enhanced my learning. The professorsused assessment tools like web Assign and Web CT in the classes. Ihence managed to use statistical software to explain data collectedfrom my experiments. Further, I managed to use an online messageboard to post ideas and criticisms from my editorial writing classes.

Duringa design class on technical documents, I experienced the best use oftechnology. Learning involved the fundamentals concerned in creatingtechnical documents like instruction manuals, memos, and resumes. Wewere also introduced to the utilization of the Adobe page maker.After the introduction, I advanced my knowledge further into usingthe programme through trial and error and practice. For example, Iproceeded from the basic knowledge of using the programme intodesigning a document by myself without necessarily reading it from abook. In conclusion, when people learn by doing, they have thepotential to become leaders in their path of choice (Fowler 211).


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