Reflection on the Interaction with Technology

Reflectionon the Interaction with Technology

Afterreflecting on the data, I am surprised at the number of hours that Ispend interacting with technology. I always thought that I did nothave time for lengthy moments on the internet, with the phone or onmy computer. However, the exercise of quantifying the hours I spendwith technology has amazed me by proving otherwise. From the data onthe time I spend interacting with technology, it is clear that I am aperson who spends a lot of time with technology. Particularly, I amsurprised by the many times I spend with my phone and theapplications on the mobile device.

Thishas led me to recall the most interesting interaction I had withtechnology through my phone. Late last year, I really wanted tocommunicate with my friend who we last spoke when we were in highschool. I wanted to talk to him on Skype, but I did not have hiscontacts. Therefore, I went to the Instagram application on my phoneand searched for his full names. Luckily, I found him and we wereable to share and exchanged contacts. I called him using Skype and wecould converse freely as if we were near.

However,technology can sometimes be frustrating, and can lead to waste oftime instead of saving time. One case of my frustration was earlythis year when I was bored and wanted to buy a game on the App Store.I selected the game I wanted to buy, but my phone was very slow inbrowsing that day. I downloaded the game but the speeds were very lowcompared to other days. I spent almost two hours downloading a gamethat could have used just two minutes. I was so frustrated because Ihad bought the game online. Despite the efforts, the game was unableto install on my phone. Therefore, I lost the money and the time ofwaiting for the download. More importantly, I lost the time that Iwanted to play a game that could have cheered my day.

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