Reflection Paper 1


The video is a depiction of society’s stereotypes concerning theview of gender roles. The stereotypes are apparent throughadvertisements, which portray women differently from males. Women areassociated with roles like cooking, and catering for their men,illustrated via the opening advertisement from the video. Males areshown as masculine, people that love women and alcohol. The effect isthat the stereotypes shape how individuals view each other insociety. Men expect women to become submissive and serve them. Women,on the other hand, expect men to be masculine, which is thestereotypical differentiator of a woman from a man. The same appliesto male children, as the parents expect them to act manly. Anillustration in the video is the father buying toys that societyconsiders manly for the young boy. This resonates to thestereotypical advertisement of males as strong, since the toys thefather buys derive from cartoon figures, like superman.

Individual self-image is affected by exposure to several media.Media is influential and shapes the way individuals view themselves.For instance, when an advertisement states that using a specificspray will make one odorless, it indirectly associates the viewerwith the product. The outcome is that the viewer begins to think thatit is actually true that the spray makes one odorless. As a result,they end up purchasing the spray. Although it may not have theexpected outcome, it is impossible to convince the user so. This isbecause media has already shaped their perception. Because peoplebelieve what they see, media has a major impact on self-image. Afterviewing an advertisement, one indirectly questions their appearanceand begins to suppose that what they have seen is how they shouldlook like.


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