Research proposal project


Researchproposal project

IA.Discipline in the military

IIA.The prevalence of military spouse abuse among families

IIIA.Preliminary research questions

  1. What is the influence of military training on husband wife relationships

  2. Does military spouse abuse have any impact on the upbringing of the families children

  3. Are there any interventions by the military administration on military spouse abuse

  4. Any psychological interventions that can help in military spouse abuse

  5. How is child abuse prevalent in military families facing spousal issues

  6. How does the Department of defense deal with cases involving military spouse abuse

  7. The difference in substantiated reports and total reports on dealing with military spouse abuse

  8. Is there any legal action apart from disciplinary action that can be taken on military officers abusing their spouses

  9. What is the future career for the military officers found to be guilty of spouse abuse

  10. What would be the interventions by the Department of defense on unreported cases of military spouse abuse

IB.Juvenile crime

IIB.The influence of juvenile crime on the society

IIIC.Preliminary research questions

  1. How has juvenile crime increased or reduced over the past decade

  2. Is juvenile crime exaggerated by the media

  3. What are the states with high rates of juvenile crime

  4. Is there any relation between black and whites in juvenile crime

  5. Does juvenile crime affect the adult life of the children involved

  6. What is the influence of video games on increase juvenile crime

  7. What is the outcome of the interventions on reducing juvenile crime

  8. What is the prevalence of juvenile crime between single and married families

  9. Does school bullying lead to more juvenile crimes

  10. What are the alternatives to the punishment oriented juvenile justice model

IC.Race, ethnicity, and crime in America

IIC.The influence of race and ethnicity in crime in America

IIIC.Preliminary research questions

  1. Does racial discrimination have an influence on criminal activities in America

  2. What are the regions in America greatly affected by racial violence

  3. What is the prevalence of gang related criminal activities between the different ethinic groups

  4. What are the effects of urbanization on ethical or race related criminal activities

  5. Does income inequality has an influence on racial or ethnic related criminal activities

  6. What is the level of biasness among the police on certain racial or ethnic groups in the streets

  7. What is the influence of race or ethnicity in courtroom judgments in criminal offenses

  8. Is crime among the blacks an exaggeration by the media

  9. Is war on drugs only directed to the Hispanics and the blacks in America

  10. Does the police use excessive physical force during arrests to non-whites


Dantzker,M. L., &amp Hunter, R. D. (2012). Researchmethods for criminology and criminal justice.Sudbury, Mass: Jones &amp Bartlett Learning.

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